Baking Activity for our Family

Last week, Bake It Easy sent us one of their baking kits. Myla was so excited because she loves making cupcakes and cookies etc. 
We unboxed the kit and were delighted to find that it had EVERY ingredient needed for the recipe and in the exact portions too. It even had the baking sheets. All I had to provide by myself was a spatula, a bowl for mixing everything in and a baking tin. 

We wanted to wait for the weekend to use the kit so the butter (which came in a cold pack) had to be stored in the fridge, everything else we could just leave in the box.

Then Saturday came, and bright and early we started baking hahha.
The pros of having such a kit- 

The packaging is delightful, makes an excellent gift too... for anyone, adult or child.

Fun family bonding activity.

Easy to follow recipe (each ingredient pack is labeled A, B, C etc), even preschoolers like Myla can follow the pictoral instructions. 
There's less mess, especially when baking with kids. Every thing goes from the individual pre-packed sealed bags, right into the mixing bowl.

The nuts and cranberries in this recipe was a generous portion. They don't scrimp  on quality or quantity.

The cookies taste real good.
They also have cake and muffin baking kits, might try those next :)

Each kit retails at Sgd 28. 
But my readers can get it at Sgd 22.40 plus Free Delivery !
Just use promo code: HOLLY20 to unlock the 20% discount + Free Delivery. Promo valid from 26 October till 30 November 2020.