Myla's First Taste of Superstardom (lol)

So... have you seen ECDA's Teacher's Day Message 2020 yet?  Myla Rae got a few seconds of airtime on it :)

About a month ago, my brother alerted me to a Casting call he saw posted online, for preschoolers aged 5-7 years old. So I got Myla to cast for it, even though she's not 5 yet... and she got chosen. Yay!
On the day itself, she was looking forward to it, but she was also nervous and was more reserved than her usual self. I felt a bit bad for her... like was I putting her in a spot? 
So happy to use grown up make up hahaha

But afterwards, when I asked her how she felt about the whole experience she said happily that she loved it. Hopefully, as she grows older and more confident, she will be able to do more of what she enjoys and shine.

I've been telling multiple times today that she's my superstar. :)

Here's the video- 

Thanks to all of Myla's teachers for helping her find the joy in learning. Have a Happy Teachers' Day!

And thanks to the production team for this wonderful opportunity.