The Singapore Zoo - Circuit Breaker Phase 2

Can't travel out of the country (too risky during this pandemic and too costly in terms of stay home notices upon return) so the next best thing to do is Staycations or re-visit some of our favourite local attractions. 
We went to the Singapore Zoo last Friday as it was a public holiday. Thoroughly enjoyed our time there, because MJ is older now and can appreciate it so much more (also the last time we were at the zoo, last year, I had to Tula him and he was sleeping through most of it, while I sweat haha).
Myla as usual, always up for an adventure. The red zoo wagons are still available for rent but we took our Joovy Caboose double stroller instead because I really love this fun bus of ours. I can load it with barang, it's comfy for the kids and have canopy for shelter if needed. 
Oh the tram is up and running now, so do get tickets for the tram if you want to ride it. Only half the seats on the tram are available due to mandatory social distancing. But hardly any queues for it because they have restricted the number of visitors to the park. 
Prices for the Zoo are the same, not reduced even though there are less stuff available now ( no pony rides, no petting/feeding of animals sort of thing, and some animal shows have been suspended). 
You will need to book your park entry tickets prior to arrival. They are staggered by timing and limited number available for each timing. This is great because despite it being a peak timing (public holiday) it was still quite empty. No jostling in crowds, no long queues, and no rude tiongs (if that does affect your enjoyment). 
Of course, despite the vast space allowance among visitors... do wash/sanitise your hands frequently. Especially the kids because they touch everythingggg. Wear your masks (exemption when you want a pretty photo haha). Sanitise tabletops and chairs with antibacterial wipes before your meals (even though I'm sure the staff sanitise those areas frequently). Oh, another thing, only Ah Meng Cafe is open. The KFC within the kids zone and some of the other food places are shut until further notice. 
It is also useful to have hats, insect repellent, water bottles and snacks for the kids. Wear comfortable shoes for walking. And make happy memories. 


  1. Hi there Holly! I used to follow your blog posts from more than a decade back I guess, when blogging was cool and people actually read long-form and could write a complete sentence. :) Good to see you blogging still even as your life has changed so much during these years. Great to see you with your lovely family. Wish you all the best. Stay safe!

    Shantanu, Traveller's Tales (

  2. Shantanu!
    Yes I remember you. You were one of the more prominent commenters and I enjoyed reading and responding to u.

    Thank u for popping back in and for the warm sentiments.

  3. Hello Holly,

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  4. Hi Holly,

    Recently, I watched S factor in mewatch and then read your blog on this reality show.

    Thanks for sharing photos of your lovely family. I followed your IG too.

    Stay happy and cheerful 😊


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