Letters to MJ - Daddy's Boy

Open when: You miss your father

Dearest MJ,

When you were born, you tipped your father's life UPSIDE DOWN AND INSIDE OUT. 

Like he seriously didn't expect how much hard work you would be (we blame your sister Myla for setting up false expectations haha). But as the months passed, and now 2 years on... he has grown so much because of you. Much further along than his age and his peers. And you are one of the biggest lessons in life. 

You love mummy (and Myla) and shower us with loads of hugs and kisses everyday and we spend 24 hours a day together... but OMG you are such a Daddy's Boy.
When daddy's around you don't want to let go of him. 
Here you are happily helping roll lint off daddy's black jeans before he leaves for work. No matter how tall you grow, I hope you will always look up to your dad the way you do now.
And here you are, in tears just 2 minutes later. Standing at our front door because daddy's left for the office. It beaks his heart when you cry. But he's working hard so you can have a better life and future. On particularly tough days when he misses Myla and you so much, it makes him sad to the point of tears. I hope as you grow older, you understand the sacrifices he makes for us all.

Your daddy works hard and has to balance a busy life. You see him for some minutes each morning before he leaves for work and then in the evenings you see him for maybe 15 mins ... or some evenings you don't get to see him at all. So our family weekends are precious and it gives your sister and you time with your father to bond and create memories.

You are a happy child. We want to give you great weekends and holidays (much more to come). And I hope we give you happy memories that will stay with you forever. 
You are your father's conscience. He wants to make this world a better place. Because of you. And for you.

When you get older and have sons of your own. There's a saying - When you teach your son, you teach your son’s son. So be mindful of your actions, and values you set for yourself. Be a man of your word, be responsible for your own actions, achieve great things, lead with compassion and act with courage. 

You are now an integral part of the Adamson Alagan legacy.