Post Partum Body Update

** Disclaimer. This could be construed as a self pitying vanity type post.
It might annoy some people because I'm saying things like "fat" like it's a less desirable thing, and some of you might feel like WTF she's not even fat, what about people who are fatter, is she saying they're yucks? No, I'm not...not at all. All the descriptions and feelings in this post pertain to me, only me and my body. I'm not looking at or judging anyone else.**
OK, so here's a long overdue post which I really expected to do around 1 year post partum. Remember this post I did after delivering my second child - My Second Pregnancy : Aftermath - ?

I promised to do an update post once I reached my pre-pregnancy weight. You probably thought I forgot about the update. I didn't. I just haven't got there yet.  MJ turns 2 years old in one month's time... and I'm still not back to my pre pregnancy shape yet :(

Pre pregnancy weight before getting pregnant with MJ : 45KG
Weight gain while pregnant: around 22-24kgs (which is scary considering that's around half my original body weight. Dafug)
My current weight : 55kg

Here's the photo updates:

Some things that readers asked me about.. here are my answers:

1. My Csection Scar is fine now, not too ugly and it didn't keloid. The steroid shot to the incision area before stitching up definitely did help to minimise scarring.

2. The discolouration on my belly, and linea negra line is all gone.

3. I'm fortunate to have no stretchmarks from pregnancies. So I can't really comment on how fast stretchmarks would fade. (btw, big tip from me if you're pregnant now, slather lots of coconut oil on your belly, boobs, hips, as many times a day as possible. I believe it really helped me prevent stretchmarks. Super cheap compared to stretchmark creams and oils.)

4. No, I can't fit into most of my pre pregnancy clothes yet, especially my shorts and jeans. Even when I wear the dresses that I can still fit into, I feel like such a heffer in them. Like I feel like I walk around with so much more heft... if that makes any sense? I guess one should expect that when they're 10kgs heavier than what they're used to.

5. I'm quite fortunate my boobs didn't sag or shrink much post pregnancy and post breast feeding. Like honestly, this is the ONLY thing I have going for me when it comes to how my body has changed after pregnancy.

6. I can still wear a bikini but I have to accept that I'm not going to be that girl on the beach with the taut abs. It used to be me, that girl with no boobs, and kind of a straight shape which people always mistook me for someone fit and active but I wasn't really lah. I have what I think is called a mom bod now I guess... more curves. I haven't gotten used to that. I'm not sure I like it.

7. I can't wear all my fav cropped tops.... definitely cannot.  Doesn't look good. I have muffin top now.

I gained around the same 20ish kilos when pregnant with Myla, but I lost it almost automatically after she was born. Maybe it's because I was a couple years younger when i gave birth to her compared to when I had MJ.

Maybe it's because Myla slept through the night since 6weeks old, so I always rested well at night despite being busy with her in the day. With MJ, I haven't actually been able to get proper sleep for almost 2 years now. He still wakes for milk... but much better now cos he wakes for milk only once between 1am - 3am.. it used to be several times a night. I don't have a maid or anyone to take over some of the night shifts. So when your body is in stress/survival, it's hard for it to go into repair mode.

Another factor, I'm much more house bound now with two little ones. With just Myla, she was a super easy baby. I just carried her in my Tula, and went out almost everyday. A lot of walking and public transport (bus trains etc). Now with 2, it's a bit more difficult, and quite a turn off with the double strollers, MJ cranky, holding on to an almost 2 yo and a 4yo while out and about... easier to just stay home.

I tried to do HIIT workouts off Youtube for a couple of weeks some months ago... but I didn't see the results I wanted and I gave up. Also I'm incredibly lazy... at the end of the day, after I put the kids to bed, I just want to sit down and relax.  Yes, that's my own fault, can't really blame anyone for that because lots of people still exercise after a long tiring day.

I don't over eat... and usually my first meal of the day is in the afternoon after MJ goes down for his noon time nap and i settle the housework, so around 2 or 3pm. And next meal is around 8pm after the kids are fast asleep. I'm not even big on carbs because I don't like rice and stuff like that. So obviously intermittent fasting and a carb-less diet would not really do anything for me because it's no diff from my regular routine now.

So how like that.

Maybe I can set a target to lose that 10kg and get back to pre-pregnancy weight by my 40th Birthday. That's 4 months and 3 days away. Is it a reasonable time frame? Any tips or advice please? But it has to be practical advice lah.... cos I can't like go to the gym or attend some muay thai class with my kids in tow.

I hope I can do a birthday post to say, hey I finally did it! But yeah I ping pong between days of such hope, and (many more) days of saying ah fuck it, I'll just stay fat.


  1. If it’s of any help at all, cut back on the carbo. I’ve heard your rice/noodles for each meal should not exceed the size of your fist. Also, I do 10mins stay home cardio workouts (just look for some on youtube). Only 10mins, but at least it gets my heart pumping, gets me sweating, and I don’t have to leave home (esp with the current pandemic going on). And I only do that 10min cardio work out once a week. I believe in sustainability. No point being super enthusiastic about it and doing it everyday, only to end up getting fatigue and giving up altogether. Some exercise is better than none at all.

    The above pointers don’t help me lose a huge amount of weight but it does help a little and I feel something is better than nothing.

    I used to go on extreme dieting (starving myself AND exercising) and was around 43-44kg. It took a toll on my health. I began suffering from gastric. At one point it got me worrying whether I got stomach cancer. Now, thinking back, I felt so silly and selfish. I should have thought more for my family. So now, I’m back to eating my 3 meals (small carbo amounts - not zero carbo because you’ll get very lethargic as a result of lack of sugar), and doing a 10min work out a week. I’m now 47-48kg (goes up and down).

    I still treat myself to some desserts (cake) once a month. It pushes my weight up a little, but goes back down if I stay off for the rest of the month.

    So this is how I maintain/lose some weight. Like you, I get too tired at the end of the day to workout alot like other people do. I think this 10min thing will work v well for you.

    I’m 39.

    Hope this helps, somehow.

  2. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Holly what did you do to get rid of the saggy skin around the stomach area? ur stomach still looks quite good leh, if you get back to your old weight or even shed off a bit confirm can still look like model one. You still look damn good!!No cellulite like me, and I'm so much younger... Any plans for more kids? what would you do if you fell pregnant! hahaha

  3. I didn’t do anything for saggy skin... I think I’m lucky with the skin elasticity... or maybe it was the tonnes of coconut oil I applied during pregnancy. But the skin is def not as smooth and taut as it was before.

    We are stopping at 2. That’s the plan for now (I really don’t think I can go through another pregnancy and then take care of 3 kids close in age... I will really lose myself.

  4. Anonymous3:23 am

    U still BF Michael?

  5. No. Stopped at 6mo

  6. I actually increased my protein intake, be it meat or plant based so your body can build up muscles to help burn calories faster and increased vegetables or salad as well to increase metabolism. At the same time reduced carb to half a palm size. Ate these food groups for every meal. Took fruits as usual but limit to crunchy and less sweet type of fruits. I hope it helps you.

  7. Thanks for sharing your scar healing pic. Mine is still raised and has keloid all over now that it's 2.5 years. Wonder if it is worth getting laser treatment. 🤔

  8. Mag, are u planning to have another child?

    My #1 scar keloid. And with #2 repeat csection I told the doctor to help cut the keloid and use steroid jab when stitching up. Only then it didn’t keloid anymore.

    There are steroid jabs u can do now on the scar too but I am not sure how effective. It’s supposed to flatten the keloid. Maybe try googling

  9. Anonymous11:08 pm

    I have a mom body even though i dont have kids. Curvy in the middle but looks “skinny” when hidden in clothes. Few things that helped me would be 1. drinking warm (as warm as you can take) water first thing after waking up and last before bed. Helps in digestion and burping out the extra air inside. 2. Eating meals at the right time and last meal before 8pm. This really helps even without exercise. 3. My only form of exercise in the past would be climbing stairs. I take stairs when in mrt station and overhead bridges so in my daily routine going to work, i would have done a few floors. Guess u can try these if u haven’t already!

  10. I don't plan on having a 3rd so maybe time to check out steroid jabs.


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