Our Couple's Q&A Session on FB Live

Had a good time chatting with my family, friends, FB friends, followers, and blog readers from all walks of life, on our FB live session last night. Was planning to only do it for like 15-20 mins but it stretched to almost an hour haha.

Thank you all for joining us live, and giving us such interesting questions to answer. Hope to do this again soon, maybe with the kids, or maybe with a articular chat topic?

P/S: Those that missed the session (sorry there was very little heads up)... you can still Watch the recorded version on FB anytime.


  1. Anonymous11:52 pm

    hey holly i had a question i forgot to ask!!! i saw that you still wear those pupil enlarging contacts or just regular coloured contacts.. could you please link them!!!! i especially love the ones you used, especially the ones you used to use back in the day. Do you have any recommendations for pupil enlarging lenses now?

  2. Uh no ah. I not using any pupil enlarging contacts. Had my lasik done 1 yr ago and since then I haven’t worn contacts. I think I can’t wear any contact lens anymore also, like if my degree sunddely returned (touchwood!). I wld have to wear glasses, can’t wear contacts esp not for cosmetic purpose like pupil enlarging Cos can’t keep pulling on the cornea as it’s been cut by lasik. So now what u see if my regular eyes hahaaa.

    Last time I wld use freshkon mosaic urban grey lenses . They are monthly disapoables. Not sure if pupil enlarging, but yes they are the ones I used most often.

    Then sometimes I wld wear those from Korean Brand’s I dunno what brand but I anyhow choose and buy online , description usually called circle lens or circle eyes something like that . Usually pick grey colours and diameter 14mm. I tried the even larger pupil dilation ones liek 15mm before and it looks damn weird on me and I also hate the tri coloured ones as looks weird on me too. But these ones can’t wear Long Cos uncomfortable (like quality not as good). But more colours and patterns to choose from.

  3. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Hey Holly! I really love that you are collaborating with your family to do this! Not forgetting love your outfit as well! You've never change since your active blogging days!

    Would like to ask how you manage your time, time with kids and with hubby?

  4. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Hi holly where did you get your top from? can link pls? dun wanna sound creepy but the boobage area looked great, mine saggy af. r u wearing a pushup or smth?

  5. Normal underwire bra. Got the top from shoppee. Link is - https://shopee.sg/product/109790045/2329411839?smtt=0.0.9

  6. With regards to managing time... I don’t think I manage it very well because my whole day and sometimes the night too (if MJ doesn’t sleep well) goes to my kids :/. Really neglected myself

  7. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Hi Holly, how does Adamson feel about your job? I see that he is supportive but did you two ever sat down and discussed about your unconventional job? Like about intimate articles you write and personal stuff you share online?

  8. No we never sat down to talk about it but he did know about what I wrote about etc even before he met me in person (he got in touch with me through my blog). I am guessing he’s ok with it all, otherwise he sure make noise by now Hahahaa

  9. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Just a thought, Play who’d you rather (like in Ellen talkshow) with your hubby. You both can work out a line up of famous ppl and ask the other person to keep choosing. Would be fun and interesting.

  10. Oh? Lemme Google it. Not sure how it goes


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