Letters to Myla Rae : Don't be a Doormat

Open when you feel unappreciated

Dearest Myla Rae

[Just a quick mention, that you're back to your normal bubbly self. I'm so relieved and happy for you. At the beginning of the year, you were having a tough time at kindergarten, and your personality changed... you were not your normal self, and it made me sad and worried. Thankfully, you've come around and have settled well in school. That sad phase  lasted a couple of weeks more after I blogged about it (here). ]

Today's letter, is about how much we appreciate you and your kindness towards others. If there's one thing that people would notice about your character, it's that you're very easy going and a very giving little girl. 
You are a very good big sister. You look out for MJ, you give him his milk bottle and wait patiently while he drinks, you (try to) make him sleep by letting him lie on you, you taught him to count and say his ABCs.  

But you always.. ALWAYS give in to him. He snatches your toys, tears/grabs whatever book you're trying to read or colour, etc... but you never get mad at him, you give in to him, ungrudging. We do try to discipline MJ by reprimanding him when he steps out of line, but you always come to his defense. You don't like it when anyone raises their voice at him.

You're so accommodating... for instance, when MJ snatched the phone while you were watching a video, and daddy told him sternly to give it back to you. You said "it's ok, I can still see the video"... and you continued watching the video... partially and at an awkward angle... over his shoulder.

We do notice all this, my sweet girl. And we are trying to teach MJ but it's not easy talking sense to a 1 year old. Especially one that is a terror. Please be patient and give it some time, he will learn. And when we are stern with MJ, don't get upset, we are just trying to teach him not to be a brat. 

Your brother's favourite person in this world right now is probably you. He wants to sleep right next to you (or on you), he loves to hug and kiss you. He cries out for you when I try to make him nap but you're not in the room with us. Soon, he will grow older and learn to share and learn to be less rough when playing and not be such an asshole haha. 

I've noticed that whenever I give the both of you a daily shared snack tray... you're a greedy foodie... BUT you take note of what MJ likes from the snack tray each day (his fussy taste changes everyday) and you stop eating whatever it is that MJ seems to like eating. And instead, you eat the rest of the items which you noticed your brother doesn't like. OMG, my heart swells because I know you do this out of love for your brother. But I also worry that in future, people might take advantage of your kindness.

You are a very very special soul. Friends have said that you're a jackpot baby (lol, this is true, cos you were such an easy baby and are not a difficult child now). Please don't ever feel unappreciated because oh man, mummy and daddy really appreciate you so much. I might not express it enough in our day to day interactions because MJ takes a lot of my attention and patience, but child, raising you has been one of the best experiences of my life.

My advice to you is that it's ok to be easy going and to be accommodating... but do it for the right reasons and the right people. Do it for people who deserve your kindness. Please don't get stepped on like a door mat, and especially accommodate guys who take advantage of your good nature! And honestly, sometimes in life, it's actually okay to just be selfish once in a while and do things solely for your own benefit and at the expense of others. It really is! 

Love & apppreciate you always,


  1. Anonymous9:11 pm

    This is so so touching so so sweet.. thank you holly, for sharing this post and opening it up about your kids, their lives and yourself.

    It felt as if my own mother is telling me that and that brings a comfort as my mum is a conservative quiet lady who wouldn’t say such things even though her children are undergoing distress. Hence your post brought so much comfort and I feel that you are absolutely right. We should never be a doormat for people who’s not appreciative..

    Hope you guys stay safe and myla loves going to school always..

  2. Anonymous12:02 pm

    What a beautiful girl, inside and out. Empathy - more people like Myla. :)


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