Letters to Michael James: Dinosaurrrrrr

Open when you want to know more about your life as a 1 year old...
Dearest Michael James,

You are such a boy! The influences around you are pretty much the same as what Myla's been exposed to... but it really is in the genetics... your interests, your behaviour and what draws your attention are the total opposite of your sister's.

Your first proper word was when you were a little past 1 year old was Dinosaur while Myla's first proper word was at 11 months and it was Bubbles (I never count mama, dada and all other incidental baby mumbles as first words btw).

I was reading a book called How do I Love you?  And one of the pages has a few cute dinosaurs on them (all the other pages has more girly stuff like bunnies and snowflakes hahaha... it's Myla's old book).
I've read this book countless times to you, especially when you were just a baby... but I didn't realise you had picked up on the word, so it surprised me when one day, when we got to that page, you pointed excitedly and said so clearly DINOSAURRRRR. 
I think that's also when I started to realise that you were naturally drawn to things more (typically) masculine and that's also when we started buying you toys/books/stuff that catered to your interests.
You love books about dinosaurs (duh), predatory animals like sharks and wolves, you can spend a lot of time with a rubber ball and things with wheels, you go for baths and to bed with your (HARD plastic) dinosaur figurines (so uncomfortable wtf lol), you love pretending to work with tools... you can name a lot of dinosaurs too, which amazes me because for a 1 plus year old who was barely speaking some months ago (you were a late talker)... you can correctly point to and say Spinosaurus and Ankylosaurus!
These are the little things that amaze us about you and it's so exciting watching you grow and develop. Hope Walking with Dinosaurs comes back to Singapore next year so we can take you to see them. Last year we took your sister but she was scared shitless lol lol. Will take her to like some Disney on Ice thing instead.

Tweet tweet... roar roar roar. Stomp stomp and roar some more.

Love you always my boy,