List of FREE Baby & Toddler Samples

Mummies & Daddies with babies and toddlers, here's a list of free samples you can request online for your little ones so you can try them before deciding to purchase or not.

Last month, I applied online to all these samples below, and within the next 3 weeks, they started arriving in my mailbox (or not). Just click the name of each product below to head to their sample request pages.

So here they are:

I bought Suubalm (adult version) when I was pregnant because I was getting this itch on my legs (like mad terrible itchy kind). Unfortunately, it did not work for me, it soothed and moistened any dry areas but it did not get rid of the itch. Turns out, it's a pregnancy rash I got that's either due to hormones or MJ's (the baby I was pregnant with at that time) blood type was incompatible with my own, that's why my skin was reacting. It went away after giving birth to him. Well anyway, the reason I purchased it was because it's a product developed by our National Skin Centre in Singapore, so i believe it's good stuff.
You can get the samples in Kids versions. Especially worth trying if your child has eczema, as that's mainly what Suubalm is for. My sample came in a couple weeks, two sachets and info brochure.

I signed up for the baby welcome gift, but never received anything. Maybe they're overwhelmed at the moment and will take more weeks before they send the samples over. Maybe will arrive before my kids become grown-ups lol... or maybe some glitch and I will never receive it. (Will update this list if it does arrive).

Diaper Samples:
So here are some of our popular brands of diapers. Having had 2 babies, I know that you can't just choose a diaper based on the look or price. Even the most expensive ones may not suit your baby. It's really trial and error. With Myla, not so bad.. any brand of pants is fine for her and no rash, no leaks. But with MJ, OH MAN he leaks so easily if the size or cutting is not right for him. Maybe cos he's so tall and slim, or maybe cos he's a boy and boys leak past the diaper bands more easily?? I dunno. But there are very very few brands (and in specific size only) which are suitable for him. Wasted many full packs of diapers when he was younger, because all leaked and I got tired of changing his clothes and sheets in the middle of the night.

Drypers is pretty good, and one of the more affordable brands we have. Their 2 piece sample came within a week (that's fast!).

Mamy Poko
This brand both my kids wear (Sensi pants is another brand which doesn't leak for MJ) and the Mamy Poko night range is actually what Myla wears sleep now (day time she is diaper free). Sample requested same time as the others, but at the time of writing this post, nothing arrived yet.

Their Platinum Pants are fabulous and so comfy. Myla used to wear these at night when she was younger, but now no size for her because she's chubby and got big butt hahaha. These leak for MJ, such a shame. Maybe I'll try again now that he's older, but when he was newborn, it was a no go. This came in a 3 piece sample.

2 piece sample for the Merries Walker pants. Merries are so soft, they're really popular among parents here. The sample arrived after 2 weeks.

If you know of any other reliable samples for kids/ babies, please leave a comment so I can update this list for other parents to benefit from :) Thank u my Village  <3