Best Gifts for Mothers

I'm at an age now where most of my friends are (busy and exhausted!) mothers of very young children. And being a mom of 2 tots myself, I appreciate their needs and struggles better than ever before.

Life is simply not the same for us as it is for someone without young kids! It's just not. So the same things we would have loved as gifts when we were childless, simply has lost it's value now.

So here are some gift ideas whim I'm sure your mom friends would love to receive.

Personalised Gifts

Anything personalised that would make special keepsakes would be great gifts. Sites such as are places where you can get necklace for mom. I especially like the photo necklace where you can etch on a photo of them with their children. Or you could opt for something more delicate like just an infinity logo pendant with her kids names on it.  It's not expensive because it's made from stainless steel or sterling silver. You can check out more trendy fashion here .

If she's in to spas and massages, get her a pampering session while you watch her kids for a couple hours. It could be a full body massage, or treat her to a couple's massage with her husband if you know they hardly get to spend quality time together. Alternatively, if you know she's been neglecting her nails or hair because her kids come first, then arrange for her to get those services instead.

Things that make her daily life easier will be very thoughtful. So, an air fryer, or instant pot cooker, or one of those fancy electric multicooker crock pots, which would make it easier to prepare the family's daily meals.