Short Getaway - Batam

We didn't celebrate Chinese New Year this year because my grandma passed away just a week before. So we decided to have a quick one night couple's getaway in Batam instead.
Batam is one of our favourite getaways because it's easy to get to and easy to get around as well. We usually take the first morning ferry to Batam Centre (no queues, we get through immigration in minutes!) and book a driver for the day. But because this time round, it was pretty last minute, we could only get afternoon ferry tickets... and wow... Batam immigration was a pain in the ass. Long queues snaking outside the ferry terminal and moving so painfully slow. 
Our go to place for fishing in Batam is Barelang Pond. We've had sessions there which were bad (rarely) and like no bites, wait damn long for a bite then the line snaps, ughhh those kind of sessions. But thankfully, it was a very good 3 hour fishing session this time round. It was also pretty empty... don't know if it's because Chinese New Year, or because there's a new pond to go to in Batam.

I posted our catch on Instagram and video of me (very poorly) reeling one in. 
Fishing there is much cheaper (Sgd 35 for 3 hours) compared to Singapore ponds, and the bite rate is much better. Also the size, more exciting haha.
It's catch and release, so please remember to de-barb your hooks.
Another highly recommended spot in Batam that we go to every trip, is Golden Prawn 933. Fresh kelong seafood, any amount... prepared any way you fancy.
When you step in, you go to to the live seafood part first and pick your seafood. Lobsters, crabs, prawns, mantis shrimp, scallops, clams, grouper, seabass... We went for dinner later this time, like 8plus (because we had a late start in Batam, thanks to immigration queues), so no more scallops and only the small ones left. We usually go at 6pm, and get huge scallops, steamed with garlic and served in a halfshell.
 Next step, the guy will weigh your pickings, and you let him know how you want each thing done... steamed, black pepper, chilli, etc.
Once done, he will take you to your table, there's like never a shortage of tables to choose from. The place is huge! And on stilts so you're eating on this platform above water. Erm, bring mosquito spray for yourself.
Doesn't take very long for your food to be served... pepper crab for me, chilli crab for adamson. Then we also had squid, a small seabass, sambal lala, beers. Eat until cannot eat anymore. Total damage Sgd100.   :) 
After dinner, we went to our hotel bar instead of our usual Brewski & Co for drinks, because it was already quite late (later than our usual) and we were tired.
Had a couple of cocktails, and called it a night. We stay at the Radisson, and I always look forward to the end of the night there because the bed is so comfortable... and no toddlers to wake me. Hahahaa.
The Radisson's rooms are spacious and has a clean modern vibe.
Price range is around Sgd 80- 120 a night, except when it's like Christmas, or new year, or CNY, etc. They have a good kids' club room just outside near their huge swimming pool, and a small area for baby's soft play in the lobby. We will explore that when we come back with the kids.
But for this trip, no kids, so just nua and relax    :-D
The views (if you're on the pool side of the hotel) are peaceful, overlooking their golf course.
The best thing I like about staying at The Radisson is their buffet breakfast. Ooohhh yeah.
Good selection of food like you would expect of any good hotel and very tasty too (with the exception of beef bacon, that one sucks balls).
After many rounds of food... I like to make my own bowl of porridge there, and load it with all the good stuff.
Something new I noticed this time round, their juice dispensers have little pots of fresh herbs in front of them, so you can pluck and put in your drink. 
They also have a do-it-yourself orange juice station, where you slice and squeeze your own juice. Their press is very efficient, feel like buying it for our house.

If you haven't had a holiday in a while, and want something that won't bust the bank, yet is quite 'splurgy' (because food etc in IDrupiah) and you can eat great seafood, have drinks, sleep like a dream and wake up to a fabulous breakfast. Do what we did in Batam.
P/s- this is what my desk looks like when I try to blog in the day time, within the next few minutes Mj will start pulling my laptop and press random keys. So forgive the typos when you do spot them, I work under great pressure siah hahahaaa
Hope you're enjoying the more frequent posts this year. I've missed this! ``Don't forget to share when you find anything useful/entertaining. Thank you guys.