Quick Getaway Plan - Kuala Lumpur

Last week I shared how you can get an affordable yet thoroughly enjoyable time in Batam.
Another popular yet cheap destination for Singaporeans to pop to for a quick getaway is Malaysia. Ok, I feel so bad because it's like Singaporeans are damn silver spooned, all our neighbouring countries we consider 'cheap' to travel to... but I don't mean it in a pompous way. It's really because it's now so much cheaper to make flight booking online, the currency exchange rates are in our favour and the general cost of stuff in Singapore is higher in comparison, so it feels good ah to holiday somewhere where we get more bang for our buck.
Instead of the usual Johor Bharu haunts, consider heading to Kuala Lumpur. I know most people prefer to drive or take a coach to KL ( I was one of those)... but now I prefer to just fly there. Don't knock it, until you try it. Yes, you have to be at the airport 2 hours prior. But it's really more enjoyable, affordable and easy to just fly to KL. Plus with toddlers, it's much easier to just fly and get there fast.

The flight is super short at less than an hour, doesn't matter which airline, just search for the cheapest/suitable timing. You can just sit down and day dream for a while and hey presto, you're going to land already. While waiting for your flight you're free to walk around the airport, go eat and be entertained. You won't get stuck for hours when the causeway jams. You won't have to sit still in a coach or car for like 5hours or more. Even taking airport waiting time into consideration, it's still overall shorter to just fly rather than coach. 

A quick search shows me I can get a flight ticket from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur next week for as low as $55. I can rack up taxi charges as high as that during peak hours plus ERP in Singapore lol. 
The first time I went to KL as an adult (so without my parents) , I was in my early 20s and a bit of a noob. I went to Menara Kuala Lumpur. That's the tall communications tower. OMG seriously boring and my boyfriend and I got so hot and sweaty getting there. At the end of the day, it's just a regular skyline you're looking at. Nothing spectacular (no offence M'sians!). And then of course I went to KLCC, Twin towers and also didn't enjoy it because like same stuff as any mall plus I'm not a brick & motar retail type shopping person. 

Now, when I know my preferences better and I don't do touristy stuff for the sake of it, here's what I would do over a weekend in KL:
1. Go eat Lok Lok, or cheap street food. Eat until cannot eat anymore. 

2. Good whisky
After dinner, I would head to Skulduggery which is a bit of a back-alley bar... but despite the grunge-iness of it, it has good whisky and creative concoctions. Again... in ringgit... woot woot.

3. Play at District 21 
It's an indoor adventure park sprawling a massive 70,000 square feet. I love my roller coasters but I also appreciate aircon comfort haha. Plus it's only around 70 plus ringgit, so much cheaper than Universal Studios Singapore (which I also enjoyed btw, just that it's costly, can't just pop by on a whim).
4. On the last evening, have a small splurge at Iketeru. It's a Japanese restaurant at Hilton Hotel. If you go now (before the end of February) you'll be in time for their winter menu (snow crab legs and such yums!). Any other time, I would try omakase or just rely on my absolute favs like sashimi and insanely graded wagyu.

5. Stay at a nice hotel. I'm not sure which I would go for the next time round, there's a lot to choose from. Which is your favourite place to stay in KL?