Sembene & Moyashi Enjoy Kohepets too!

Hey ho! Guess who's making a guest appearance?
My brother's furry felines - The Cat Sembene & Sister Moyashi. Sem is a Russian Blue, and Moyashi is a Lynx-point Siamese (You can follow them on IG @Sembene_and_moyashi )

Sembene and Moyashi are cats my brother and his wife adopted years ago. They had Sembene first, and then took on Moyashi as well. They were apprehensive about taking Moyashi because Sembene was quite the anti social cat... so they fostered Moyashi first. And guess what? They're all one big happy family in the end! Sembene & Moyashi are very close :)
My brother and Juan both have busy schedules but they are also the kind of fur parents who give their furkids the absolute best. So I was happy to get them hooked on Kohepets online. It's so convenient to order pet supplies, their range is great and they're always having promotions. Best of all, free delivery to your doorstep for orders above Sgd 60.
Here are some products the cats love:
Dentalife Tasty Chicken Cat Dental Treats at 20% Off right now. These are specially designed with a more porous texture than traditional treats. This helps the tooth penetrate the treat, surrounding all sides of the tooth to reduce tartar buildup. It's a tasty chicken flavour that the cats can't resist.
Cat Nibbly Salmon Flavour is made from high quality human-grade ingredients. Contains no corn, wheat or soy... which is important because Sembene has a sensitive stomach and Moyashi has shedding issues if they eat corn, wheat or soy. Plus they love its crunchy texture.
Fruitables Wildly Natural Chicken Cat Treats is a new type of cat treat made in a healthy, all natural recipe with a flavor that drives cats wild.
They're small bite sized and a cute 6 petal flower shape. There's about 180 treasts per bag. It's crispy outside and flaky inside!
Marukan Wand Cat Toy . Moyashi loves to swat at the adorable tiny stuffed mouse suspended at the end of a string attached to this wand. Playing is a great way to bond with your cat.
For food... they eat Wellness CORE Signature Selects Shredded Chicken & Chicken Liver Canned Cat Food, Wellness CORE Signature Selects Chunky Chicken & Salmon Canned Cat Food ( For Wellness Core, if you buy 3 cans, you get 1 free) , ZiwiPeak New Zealand Hoki Grain-Free Canned Cat Food ,
ZiwiPeak New Zealand Mackerel Grain-Free Canned Cat Food, and ZiwiPeak New Zealand Free Range Chicken Canned Cat Food.

And as or my darling Lola... here's what we ordered for her.
Bow Wow Zenith Soft Kibble Small Breed Dry Dog Food , she loves the soft and moist texture of this kibble as she does get bored of regular dry kibbles after a while, so I like to switch things up for her. Each Bag of dog food comes in 3 smaller packs within, so I don't have to worry about it keeping fresh.
More tray food for her because they're so convenient and well loved by her -
Cesar Lamb Pate Tray Dog Food, Monge Fresh Pork Pate with Chunkies Tray Dog Food, and Bronco Cod Pate Adult Grain-Free Tray Dog Food (these are just $1 each!).

You and your furkids, be in cats, dogs, rabbits, chinchillas, birds etc are welcome to join our Kohepets family! Come!