Letting Go of Toxic Love

Toxic love a romantic relationship with strong highs and the lowest of the lows. When the love is toxic, one or both partners feel jubilant and very passionate one moment and then it dips into depressing and and generally feeling stressed for long periods of time. But they're still in it because they're living and waiting for those highs, as fleeting as they may be.
Here are five signs you are in a toxic love situation:

1. You second guess yourself ALWAYS
Whenever you're upset with what your partner has done or how he's acting.. you second guess yourself. Maybe you're too sensitive? Are you over reacting? Are you the crazy one? Beware of him gaslighting you in toxic love relationships.

2. You have to make excuses for him
When your friends or family point out his toxic behaviour, instead of facing reality, you make excuses for him. It was your fault he hit you, because he had too much to drink and you pushed his buttons. The last big blow out argument you had was really because you misunderstood him. Not his fault, excuses excuses.

3. You're always fixing things
The relationship always needs work, and it seems to only be coming from you. You have to work to make things right. You walk on eggshells to avoid spoiling his mood. This causes you to be physically and mentally drained.

 4. She/He's always angry
The flip side to a passionate lover is usually anger. He has an anger that never seems to ever be resolved when you communicate with him. The general atmosphere of the relationship is hostile.

5. There's a score card
Keeping score is when someone continues to blame you for past mistakes. It's like he has a relationship scorecard keeping tabs to see who has screwed up the most over the months or years, and therefore who is most indebted to the other.

Toxic love is not normal and will never give rise to a good relationship because it can never run smoothly. Get out while you can.