Left stranded by KLOOK

This picture above was taken on our first day in Hokkaido, just outside out AirBnb. I didn't take any pics of our last day because it was a disaster.

Adamson used KLOOK to book an airport transfer (a large 7 seater type MPV) to pick us up at 5.30am and it was confirmed. Our flight would depart from Chitose airport at 8.30am. It takes an hour to drive to the airport. So everything was planned to run like clockwork.

We pre booked and paid for the airport transfer via KLOOK and it was confirmed by them. We chose to get an airport transfer instead of regular taxi (even though a taxi is cheaper) because of the early morning departure timing, the fact that we had a lot of luggage and 2 toddlers so a large mpv type airport transfer is worth splurging for.

But at 5.30 am. the driver did not show up. No one had the decency to call us any of the days before or even at the very last minute to tell us that the driver would not turn up. We called the KLOOK hotline, and they were not helpful... only gave us the number to the transport service who took our booking through them. We called, no answer. The office opens at 8am or something... way too late for us.

We walked in the snow to the surrounding streets to see if the driver got lost maybe. All dead and no cars. We couldn't even find any taxis to hail.

We rang KLOOK again, and were told to find alternative means to get to the airport and send them the receipts. WTF. It is now 6am... the streets are DEAD. The taxi booking service can only send us the earliest cab at 6.30 am, and that's one cab, the next one is even later. And we need 2 taxis because we have 3 adults, 2 small kids... 4 LARGE luggage, a double stroller, a trunki and other carry on bags.

If we miss our 8.30 am flight the subsequent ones are all already fully booked because of the peak season. We can't just change our dates.

We contemplated heading to the train station pronto. But that's like a 5 block walk.. in the snow... with 2 toddlers and his mother. And after catching the train, we have to change trains... we're not even familiar with the train system there. If it's just him and myself, yeah I think we would just make a mad dash for it. But with a whole family in tow, at 6am, in a ghost town. Not easy.

So we waited for the 6.30 am cab, and pending one more booking after. His mum and I would take MJ plus 3 luggage with us. And then when the next cab comes (who knows what time) Adamson with take Myla, the stroller and one luggage and the carry ons. Not a good feeling.

But with the grace of God... the 6.30 am cab arrived and it wasn't the usual small cab...It was one with a large hatchback kind. The lady driver kindly agreed to squeeze everyone and everything on board and take us to the airport because it was urgent.

We got to the aiport some time after 7.30 am... still in time to make our 8.30 am flight. BUT NO THANKS TO KLOOK.

Now as I'm blogging, we're still in the process of getting a refund.
Hello???? Your customer service recovery sucks man.

Will update if it's done by the time this goes live on blog.


  1. Wow. Not cool, KLOOK. I can just imagine the panic and anxiousness. I totally get what you mean about making a mad dash if it is just you and hubby. I would do that too but with kids it is different.

  2. I had my grievances with Klook too, for our Legoland trip a few years back. It was horrendous to say the least. The chase for refunds too was dreadful.

    That was my final dealing with Klook. Never again. Don't get tempted by their seemingly cheaper prices. They're unreliable. Period.


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