Kuishin Bo Buffet

Kuishin Bo
Suntec City #03-334

The three of us (husband, Myla & I) have a new obsession... the Kuishin Bo buffet. Hahahahaa. We've left MJ at my in-laws and gone for it 3 weekends in a row already. Myla loves Japanese food (... also food in general) so she loves it there.
It's free for kids under 4yo. And kid friendly, has a low sink for them to wash their hands, kids cutlery, comfortable high chairs, staff are accommodating and the restaiurant is spacious. We especially love the booth seat by the window as it gives Myla space to do her colouring etc if she gets restless (so Adamson & I can keep eating).
Weekend dinner buffet is $63.90++ per adult. Includes free flow of soft drinks, ice Milo, coffee tea... but no alcohol served. The place is not halal and they do serve stuff like roast pork. They have lunch buffets which are cheaper but there's no Snow Crab for lunch time, so we won't do lunch there. Dinner buffet has free flow of snow crab and it's so yummy. The bulk of our meal is snow crab lol.
They have fresh sashimi. Sad thing is they don't have oysters. I would gladly pay a bit more if there were fresh oysters too. At certain times during the dinner service, they will ring a bell and you can go get an abalone, it's a good size and taste but limited to 20 plates each time. We didn't try it the first 2 times we were at Kushin Bo, but managed to get a plate last Saturday.
Their dessert selection is pretty decent too. Lots to try, especially if you like different types of mochi (I don't). I always go for their cookies, white chocolates and creme brulee.
If you love seafood, and especially snow crab, it's really worth it to dine at Kushin Bo.
Won't be there this weekend and the next weekend though... hosting a Christmas + Myla birthday party at home this weekend, and then we're all (including MJ) off to Hokkaido until new year's.