Christmas Greetings and One Resolution

By the time this post goes live on my blog, we would be in Hokkaido, Japan.
Have been here a few days now and you probably would have see pic updates on my Instagram. I'll keep you updated via IG, and once we are back in Singapore at the start of next year I'll find some time to do a blog post of the trip.
Have a Merry Christmas! And a great 2020 ahead...
My new year's resolution is to start blogging more regularly in 2020, I miss sharing but I've also not had time to sit down and connect with my readers because almost all my time is spent tending to the home and kids. Now that MJ is over 1 year old, it has gotten a bit easier on me so I hope to get my blog going again.
If you have any ideas of topics you'd like me to touch on or stuff you want me to share, do let me know.