Myla Rae's Mini HIIT Workout video

A few days ago, I asked Myla what video she wanted to record... what would she like to share/show people on youtube. She watches some other kids on youtube, like Ryan who does toy reviews, she talks about them like she knows them hahahaa. She said she wanted to share some exercise moves... so she chose her outfit and we just filmed this on the spot... I had to hold back my laughter (don't want her to get some body image complex).. but her belly so cute trololololol.

So here it is, her first solo video - Mini HIIT workout for kids. Don't expect much from a 3 yr old ah  (soon to be 4!)... but it made me smile and laugh.

Hope you enjoy it :)

P/s I need to work on my editing and videoing skills, I feel like I let her down somewhat and the video could have been nicer.


  1. It is so cute that the child is dancing while showing a round belly.


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