Buds by Shangri La

BUDS by Shangri-la
22 Orange Grove Rd
We went to Shangri-la hotel last Sunday to check out BUDS, their play space for children. It's open to hotel and non-hotel guests. Entry is complimentary if you book their Themed Family Suite. And it's $28 per child (four to 12 years old), $18 for toddler (below four years old) for hotel guests. If you're not a hotel guest, entry is entry is $48 for child and $28 for toddler. Bring your own socks, or you can buy socks there.
 The toddler area is much smaller than the older kids play area but you're free to roam the whole place with your toddler, don't have to stick to the toddler area.
Toddler area is for 0-4yrs so by right Myla should be in this area but she preferred the other area much more. Here's a look at the toddler area first.
Perfect for MJ's age, there's a lot there to keep him entertained. He even didn't mind being restricted to this bouncy harness thingy... giving us a much needed rest, not having to chase him around hahahaa. And because it's all babies and toddlers in this area you don't have to worry about like older kids jumping/running around and knocking your little ones over.
I guess he doesn't understand much yet, but he was definitely very very excited because the whole vibe of the place is upbeat and happy.
 Other than the bouncing harness, there's a musical step piano...
2 short slides into a small ball pit.
 And some cubby holes to crawl around in.
In the other play area, which is much larger and caters to 4yrs and up... there is a sand pit (but inside is not actual sand, but some beady stuff looks like sand), 2 large ball pits...
 Many slides of various shapes and heights.
 Air pressure guns which shoot balls.
 Lots of climbing and swinging obstacles...
 A small trampoline.
 On the upper level of this play area there are more air pressure guns, and it's all themed, like the space in the pic above was a Sci-fi type area.
 The second level is super fun, myla loved it.
But I didn't take MJ up there because it's a bit challenging to climb through tight spaces while carrying him. Not suitable for 1 year olds for sure.
 He was happy to wait below while Myla explored the upper deck.
 We went on a Sunday afternoon, and it wasn't too crowded. Plenty of space to explore without crashing into other kids.
 This is my friend Mia, the director of Children's recreation there at Shangri-la. Awesome job creating this safe and fun kids play area!
There are also a few themed rooms... this one is the Stage music and performance room. Where kids can play around with costumes and instruments. 
There's also a Muddy room for crafts and a space for baking, but we didn't venture into those. 
What I loved about BUDS, is that the space is bright and cheery. There's plenty to do and keep kids entertained. The staff are well trained and super alert (watching out for the safety esp of the little ones) and they're genuinely engaging and love kids. 
Their cafe is small, but we managed to find seats for a snack before heading home. 
There's Myla buying herself a slice of cake. I think the food is a little bit pricey ($8 for a mini slice of cake kind of price)... but no one twisting your arm to eat there lol. There are many food options just outside BUDS also. But the cakes there were very delicious.
Their toilets are very clean, and have ample diaper changing tables but I wish they had a nursing room (or maybe have and I didn't see it?? If so, sorry! My bad!), I remember the days when I used to struggle to latch MJ on one side and use Haakaa on the other side, omg. Luckily he takes the bottle well now. No issues. But I think mums of younger babies would appreciate a private and quiet nursing area to feed their babies.

They also have a private room for birthday parties. Maybe something to think about for Myla's birthdays in future. If I tell her about it now, she will never stop asking me about it hahahahaaa :)

It was a super fun day for the kids, and we were very happy to see them both enjoy themselves so much. Thank you for the new memories BUDS!


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Myla and MJ are very cute :).

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