Bone Broth for Dogs & More :)

Mmmmm... bone broth is delicious. I actually spend a few hours every month to boil bones down and make bone broth for my human baby because it's very nutritious and a tasty addition to his porridge. I'm really happy to find this frozen bone broth for dogs so my (dog baby, haha) Lola can enjoy bone broth too and it's a recipe catered to dogs' well being.
Delivered to our doorstep
Underdog Bone Broth Lamb Dog Food Topper (Frozen) is fortified with a variety of supplements that boost overall skin, digestion and health. Totally free of any artificial preservatives and colourings.
Bone Broth
So easy to use, I just thaw and add it to my dog's food. It can be consumed hot or cold, and added to daily meals as a topper. At $6 for a 350ml pack, it's a great price for such goodness.
Twistix Milk & Cheese Small Dental Dog Treats is $13.90 for a 156g resealable pack. Lola chews on one a day to prevent plaque and tartar build up and help freshen her doggy breath. I chose the Milk & Cheese flavour because she loves the taste of cheese.
Twistix Milk & Cheese
These Twistix help satisfy her chewing instincts yet it's gentle on her gums and easy for her to digest (made with low fat milk protein as well as wheat & corn free ingredients).

I also spotted new Melanie Newman grooming products. They're really luxurious smelling shampoos, conditioners, scrubs etc for pets. This Australian brand is from 100% natural plant derived ingredients. They are pH balanced and gentle to the skin, contain no SLS, parabens, petrochemicals or synthetic perfumes.

Melanie Newman Range
I will get these as soon as Lola's current shampoo runs out. (Oh, you can use code INDULGE on checkout to receive a free sample)
Free Sample!
I love checking out Kohepets Online what's new and also take advantage of the sales promos, and the free samples of new products my dog can try. It's free shipping (Singapore) to your doorstep for orders over $60. I received my order in 2 days, they're really efficient!
Absolute Holistic Raw food
Here's what I ordered this time round. You can just click to view more info on any of these items :)