Mummy & Myla in Phuket

 We booked this family trip to Phuket, back to the same La Flora villa we had for our couple's holiday some months back because we enjoyed it so much previously. But when the time came for the trip, Adamson had too much work and could not get away :(
 He did a very selfless thing though... he flew there with us (since tickets were not refundable anyway), got us settled in and made sure everything was safe and then he flew home with MJ, so Myla & I could enjoy the rest of the holiday together. I was so worried about how he would handle MJ on the flight ( I know he's not an easy baby) but he did it. And then once he was back in SG, he stayed at his parents house... so 2 adults plus their helper to watch one baby while Adamson went to work. At least I know there are many hands on board, no need to worry.
 Our holiday was awesomeeeeeeee! So relaxing and fun because Myla is an easy going child. She sleeps well at night, she eats well... whenever & whatever lol. So it's like a holiday with my friend who happens to be tiny hahahaha.
 Snacks from the minimart...
 Doing her colouring while I Facebook...
 Happy meal toy haul.
 Dinner in bed.
 At the beach. "TOO BRIGHTTTTT!"
 Wandering the streets of Patong
 A nice stretch of Patong Beach just outside our villa.
 Not sure what restaurant... we just wandered around until she was hungry. Noodles and apple juice for her.
 Ride to airport.
 Waiting to board.
Then she did colouring practically the whole flight (took a break to eat), so I could watch an in-flight movie... been ages since I had peace to just watch a movie in the plane.

What a nice break and a special treat for mummy & Myla.