KOMA Singapore

KOMA Singapore
Marina Bay Sands
Since KOMA opened in Singapore 2 months ago, I've been counting down the days to our dinner reservation there to celebrate my birthday. Adamson planned this for me because being the hottest new restaurant in the scene, KOMA kept popping up on his feed, and then he recognised that it's by TAO Group (which he was familiar with when he lived in NYC). The verdict- KOMA Singapore didn't disappoint him (me? I was impressed, but I'm much easier to please lol).
KOMA is a very trendy and modern Japanese restaurant and sushi bar. It features original creations by Executive Chef Kunihiro Moroi, using ingredients direct from Japan. What I love about it is that its food, like its decor is bold and distinct.
Love love love the ambiance and feel of the place... and the service staff were excellent too. Note to self (and you if you're heading there soon), when making reservations ask for the booth seats and reserve the Yellow tail fish cheek. We really wanted to try the yellow tail fish cheek but apparently only a very limited amount is flown in each night. Our dinner reservations was quite late because I need to make the kids sleep first before leaving the house (don't worry, someone is there to watch them!).. so no more yellow-tail left  :(  Also the booth seats looked a lot more intimate and comfortable (we didn't know they had those when we made the reservations).
Thie Miso Cod... homaigawd! Delicious. Unfortunately, they're taking this off the menu by end of the week because it's not popular (wtf)... it was so good we ordered it twice. We ordered many of the small plates and shared those because there were lots of interesting choices there, we didn't really fancy the big plates (mains) which were mostly stuff like wagyu fried rice... and both of us are not fans of rice... and then the yellow tail we wanted was sold out kwa kwa kwa.
My favourite dish is this Surf & Turf Maki. Hands down, the best maki ever. The explosion of flavours in your mouth! And not only that, the flavours sort of reveal themselves (yes in my mouth) in the right order (mmmm caviar and then whoof truffle which slowly fades as the Hokkaido uni reaches your tastebuds and then finally a solid and lingering taste of rich buttery wagyu which just coats your whole mouth). It's insane. Expensive, but you're paying for the best quality ingredients here and you must try this dish.

I think the only thing we ordered that was meh... were the oysters. Honestly, I've had better oysters off a hotel buffet line. Maybe it just paled in comparison to all the other creations at KOMA. Their dessert selection was so so. We went for some rice pudding (it was ok) and this Jumbo Profiterole with ice cream, tasted nice, but really very jumbo, I would have loved if they had some clever twist to a panna cotta (like maybe yuzu infused or what) . 
Overall, such a delightful way to spend my birthday night out with my handsome man. One of my best birthdays yet. 


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