Healing Crystals

Crystal jewellery is gaining popularity these days. They're pretty to look at, and are believed to have energies which are beneficial to the user.
I recently got a bracelet made of Rose Quarts and baby jade from CovetCrystals which I wear everyday now. I'm not big on accessories, but I do love bracelets. And I'm the kind of person who will just keep wearing the same thing everyday if I like it. This bracelet is comfortable for me to wear all the time as it's custom made by them using natural crystals and gemstones.

When choosing what crystals to wear, you can google your birthstones (but my birthstone is Opal, and I don't like the look of it hahaha), or you can choose based on what energies and healing properties the crystals have. Here's a list of the most popular ones.

Moonstone: The Stabilizer

Aventurine: The Stone of Opportunity

Citrine: The Money Stone

Jade: The Protective Stone

Rose Quartz: The Love Stone