Walking With Dinosaurs @ Singapore Indoor Stadium

Walking with Dinosaurs The Live Experience
@ Singapore Indoor Stadium
29th August to 8th September 2019
We just got back from this live experience. It was opening night tonight. Just want to share with you as soon as possible so you have time to check it out while it's still in Singapore.
18 live sized (and Super realistic) dinosaurs walk around the stage telling us a story about this interesting past age as they interact with each other. The sounds (omg the sounds!!!!) and sights... the whole atmosphere created was so realistic, I got drawn in to it from start to end.  
There were a lot of little kids and families there, the arena is very kid friendly.. there's booster seats for your little ones too. (But she only lasted 10 mins in her seat then got scared and jumped in our laps for the rest of the show). No worries about your child gasping and awing loudly etc, because the whole atmosphere is exciting and it's not a show where you must sit down quietly.
 I was in awe of the set and the dinosaurs including the Triceratops, Raptors, the terrifying Tyrannosaurus-rex and it's cute lil' baby rex!
During the interval, we went to check out the souvenirs. This Myla... so scared of dinosaurs, but she chose to buy the Large T-rex toy. Lol.
Thank you daddy!

Adamson carrying myla and her new T-rex buddy back to our seats.
T-rex will protect her, no need to be scared.
Interesting, fun and educational too. Myla enjoyed even though she’s scared of dinosaurs. Hopefully this experience has helped her overcome that fear. Great for both adults and kids (kids over 3yo need own ticket).  
We had seats in section 131, just 10 rows from the stage, thanks to SlidingDoorsEntertainment. And they were good seats, the whole performance was an awesome spectacle to behold.
This is the seating plan. The set up of the stage is arena like so the seats all around it give a great view.
This is the view from the seats in the sections higher up, it's not bad at all.
Walking with Dinosaurs is here in Singapore until 8th of September.

You can get your tickets from Sportshubtix. Do check out the SlidingDoorsEntertainment FB page for the latest ticket promos and deals.