I procrastinated for years. And now, I wish I had it done sooner.

I wake up in the morning and everything is clear, I don't need my glasses or contact lenses anymore. Long haul plane rides and travel will be more convenient and comfortable.    :)

Let me share with you what my experience was like in case this is something you are keen to do.
I had everything done very quickly. Eye check in the morning and then the surgery done that afternoon itself. You see, because generally I have no patience to wait to get things done and also because I have a baby and toddler at home so like if I can get someone to watch them for the day... then I got to get all my shit done that day itself, otherwise it could be weeks before I get another opportunity.

I've read reviews on Eagle Eye and Shingawa (is that how it's spelt?) etc. But what made me choose LSC Eye Centre at Paragon was specifically that I could get the eye check and the surgery done the same day. And also, it's a reputable eye clinic la... not say I went to some back door operation simply for convenience lol.

A Facebook friend (thank you!) was the one who recommended LSC, her ex boyfriend had his Lasik done there previously while they were still a couple and she had accompanied him there so she could tell me about the procedures etc.

I went online and made my appointment for a week later, meanwhile I stopped wearing my contact lenses for that week (minimum is 4 days no lenses).

On the day itself, my husband dropped me off at the clinic and then he took Myla to Adventure Cove while his mum helped look after MJ at our house. Later he dropped Myla off at my mums house to stay the night and he came to pick me up after surgery.

I was attended to by Dr Marc Tay. I have no complaints, he's very professional and not stand-offish or what. The appointment was very comfortable for me.

There was also no hard sell, I opted for the Standard Lasik procedure (I did google the differences between procedures and felt that the Standard bladeless lasik was what I wanted). After your eye check the Dr will let you know which are the procedures you're suitable for and you can choose whichever you want from that.

The eye check was tedious though.... so looooong. It took forever to dilate my pupils. All the patients around me only needed one drop of dilating eye drop in each eye, but mine took 3 drops before they dilated. Damn it, each time put eyedrops in, I have to wait like 30 mins for it to take effect ok. In the end my whole eye check took more than the stipulated 2-3 hours (I arrived at 10.30 am and I was finally able to leave for lunch at 2.40pm). Apart from it being a tedious process, it was not painful... and the eye checks are comprehensive.

In retrospect, I should have had someone come accompany me for lunch because wow I could hardly see anything. I managed to make my way to the Paragon basement and buy some food but I went straight back to the clinic to eat it. All the lights were VERY VERY glaring, like I look up towards the shops and all I see is a bright sheet of glowy white. Around 3.30pm I was prepped for surgery (they take you into a separate waiting room and give you a disposable gown to wear over your clothes and a hat and mask).

The surgery itself was ... well.. not painful (because there's numbing eyedrops) but scary. You have to lie there on this hi-tech bed thingy that swivels between 2 different laser machines (one to create the flap and another to laser down your cornea). They cover you with a blanket (which is really comforting actually hahaha), also I brought socks to wear under my surgical disposable booties cos I scared cold. I would advise you wear comfy warm clothes because of all the waiting you have to do, and also cos the operating theatre is cold.

My right eye was completely effortless, like no discomfort during the process. Didn't feel a thing. But my left eye, hmmm... no pain but I found it to be less comfortable (not sure if I'm the only one or other people felt that way too). It's like even the eyelid prong thingy that they use to hold your eyes open during the process, even that felt like it didn't sit as comfortably for my left eye. And the laser I could like feel it (?).... not like can die pain or what... but like can feel something like some sensation. But I was worried I fuck the process up so I just kept as still as possible without talking because erm lasers shooting my eyeball right at that moment.

Good thing is they do count down for you. Dr Tay calmly told me, it's 25% done, and then a few seconds later he said 50%... 80%... completed! That helped alleviate my jitters and also helped me to control my damn stupid urge to like suddenly jerk my body during the process hahaha. Dunno why I'm like that one.

Then more eyedrops, then you get off the bed, and you get some 3M brand sunglasses (I brought my own stylish ones but like after the surgery I was in no shape to dig my bag for it, so to hell with style lol). I read some people say that right after surgery, they open their eyes and WOW perfect vision. It wasn't like that for me because I could hardly open my eyes. So uncomfortable, i just kept tearing.
It's like no way I could have made it home alone kind. I practically walked from the clinic to the carpark like a blind person holding my husbands arm. I want to open my eyes to check if I can see clearly, but like my eyeballs feel like someone rubbed them with sandpaper. Then on the drive home I got bad motion sickness because I had my eyes shut in the car. Aiyohhhh.

You know, before surgery I actually thought I would be able to go home and feed the baby and put him to bed and give him his night feed. Erm. No way. Thankfully my husband helped me manage the baby that night.

I quickly ate one bun (my dinner), took the sleeping pill (which they give you for the first night), used the protective shield(so you don't accidentally rub your eye while you sleep) and went to bed. That first night, my husband taped my protective shields until like extra extra secure lol. Subsequent nights I did it with tiny pieces of tape.
I woke up in the middle of that first night, like around 5 hours after going to sleep (because autopilot I guess). Adamson had just fed the baby. All was well. And my eyes were fine! Totally no discomfort anymore. So yeah, don't plan to do anything after your Lasik, just go straight home and sleep. After the sleep you (your eyeballs) will feel great.
Today I am around 8 days post Lasik. And it feels great... No excessive glare, no orbs of light at night. Thankful that I am perfectly ok. Eyes a bit dry sometimes (supposed to use the eye drops every hour but I forget) but like no where near as dry as when I was wearing contact lenses.

There was a check up the day after Lasik, and I was told that at that point, patients have around 75% vision, then after 2 wks shld be 90% and then after dunno how many months (I forgot) will be 100% stabilized. I feel great at 75% vision lol, like to me this quite perfect already (yup, that's how blind I was pre-Lasik). My degree was 6.50 both sides same, no astigmatism though. (If you have high astigmatism there's another type of Lasik procedure called SMILE that's more suitable. More expensive though)

My total bill was $3106. Includes all the eyedrops and eyechecks and the 3 follow up appointments. The bill would have been higher but when I was paying it, I realised that eh you can put the name of the person (patient) who referred you LSC and then you get a discount. So I quickly messaged my facebook friend to ask what her ex BF's name was lol. That's how I got my $200 plus discount. If you are going to LSC, you can use my name as the patient who referred you and you will get the discount too (no, I don't get any commissions or what. I'm just helping you get a discount too).

So glad I had this procedure done. Definitely recommend it. 


  1. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ll be gg to LSC too ! Just made my appointment already

  2. Hi, Thanks for sharing! May I know whats your real name?

  3. Hi and thank you for sharing! May I know what is your real name?

  4. Hello Holly! THANKS a lot for sharing your experience. I am considering LSC for lasik as well and have similar eye power. Curious if you had side effects such as dry eyes after lasik and for how long? What about halos and starburst?

  5. Totally no side effects for me. Heard abt dry eyes and was expecting it but my eyes were far dryer with contacts on … now no dryness Go for it!

  6. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Hey Jean!

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Wonder if your discount works if I opt for another doctor?

  7. Yes. Can. No need same dr


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