How to Get Cheap Flights Out of Singapore

Travelling is one of the best experiences you can gain in life. What's the best way to get cheap flights out of Singapore?
Let me fly you out, of course!

I can't even drive a car. lol.

The best way to get cheap flights is to take advantage of the internet and compare prices to get the best deals for your holiday. Some people get nervous booking plane tickets online especially when the prices are much lower than going direct to the retailer.

But I've been doing it for like a decade now and never had a problem. Any established travel site will give you peace of mind because you can book securely. One of my go to sites to get best cheap flight deals online is Traveloka, not only do I save more but there is also no transaction fee, the price listed is the final price you actually pay and their service is 24-7 wherever in the world you may be.
Save money on your flights and up your budget for luxurious accommodation, sightseeing and shopping instead! It's a win win situation :)
When booking flights online, here are my tips to get the cheapest prices:

Be date and time flexible
If you know the destination you want to fly to, then be flexible with the dates you fly. Very often just delaying your flight by a day or moving it forward a few hours will give you a much cheaper price.

Stay on top of seat sales
Maybe you have your eye on the perfect flight itinerary, but it's still very early so you don't have to book it yet. Keep a lookout for when it goes on sale! If you don't have the time to keep track of it, you can use Price Alerts such as the one on Traveloka which allows you to get notified on your phone when the price of certain flights you’re eyeing drops. 

Budget Carriers
Book Lion Air flights online, or Air Asia, Scoot... there's so many budget carriers to choose from, all flying out from our Changi Airport. You can save a lot of money if you don't need all the frills, and you still get to your destination.
Go regional
Some of cheapest places in Asia to visit would be Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia. Not only are the flights more affordable but you get a lot more bang for your buck in those countries too.

Happy & safe travels to everyone! Stay tuned for more travel adventures.