Gallop Stables Pasir Ris

Carkpark C, 61 Pasir Ris Green
Singapore 518225 

Last Saturday we took the kids to check out Gallop Stables in Pasir Ris. We wanted to have a family outing with both kids.. and also test out our new double stroller (hahaha).
Loved that it was spacious and clean. We went at 2.30pm, after MJ woke from his nap and it was not crowded at all (the place is shut from 12noon-2pm btw).
We purchased a ticket for a pony ride ($10) for Myla and packets ($2 ea) of rabbit and horse food.  
We first went to feed the bunnies, and oh my gawd what a let down. Like the bunny enclosure was very disappointing. 2 rabbits in it, one fast asleep, the other not interested in eating at all. I did think, oh shit, is this going to be what it's like here.

Fortunately, the ponies and horses were delightful! Friendly and happy to eat the carrots.
 Myla enjoyed feeding them. It's pretty safe too, as they provide these scoops which she can use to feed the carrots to them, so like I don't have to worry they accidentally bite her tiny chubby hands lol.
MJ is a bit too young to participate but he could watch and was aware of what was going on.
Then came the pony ride. She was so delighted to see her pony come out of the stable... a white one named Princess... so beautiful!
I felt that it was well managed and safe even for toddlers.
It was a slow and steady ride around the compound. But when we asked Myla after - did she ride fast or slow? She said FASTTTT . It's all relative I guess haha. Much nicer than the pony ride she had at the Singapore Zoo, because it's more spacious and scenic. Also safer because got 2 people with her and have helmet too. At the Zoo it was just one staff, no helmet and a much shorter route.
 Overall a nice place for families and kids of all ages. I think maybe Myla's next birthday we can do one there with pony rides for her friends or something cool like that.


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