$1 Dog Food! And Eliminating Pet Odours...

Feels like Christmas for Lola.. haha.. it's that time again where she gets her Kohepets haul delivered to our doorstep.
Here's what was in this haul:
3 FOR $10: Greedy Dog Metabolism Seaweed Dog Treat
3 FOR $10: Greedy Dog Digestion Bacon Dog Treat
Thornell K.O.E Concentrate
BUY 3 GET 1 FREE: Wellness Petite Entrees Casserole
Bronco Chicken Pate Adult Grain-Free Tray Dog Food
Bronco Pork Pate Adult Grain-Free Tray Dog Food
Bronco Lamb Pate Adult Grain-Free Tray Dog Food
Cesar Salmon With Potato & Carrot Pate Tray Dog Food
As you probably already know, Lola is quite a senior dog now and as she's getting on in years, her bladder control isn't perfect. So she's peed in a few spots around the house (one is right in front of the fridge!) and we need to get rid of the scent so she will stop going back to those spots.
Out of all the odour removers on Kohepets (which there are a huge range), I chose Thornell K.O.E Concentrate because my friend recommended this brand. It gets rid of pee odours very effectively.

It's a professional Kennel Odor Eliminator concentrate which destroys, not masks, even old and stubborn odors. It can remove odors found in cages, floors, walls and large areas. Just add a small amount to water or your usual cleaning solutions. There's no enzymes, bacteria, oxidisers. It works! Heck, my baby MJ's diaper leaked a few times and our bedroom started smelling like pee even though I washed the bedsheets. Pee smell GONE after I used this solution to clean his mattress :)
I also stocked up on Bronco Pate dog food (which used to be in huge cans) because it now comes in small trays. Best part is, because of the launch promotion, each tray is only $1. ONE DOLLAR !!! Seriously, that's a super good deal. Hurry to take advantage of this launch promo deal before it ends.
Bronco Pate comes in many flavours like lamb, cod, salmon, chicken and pork.
It's Grain-free, consists of 96% free range meat. Filled with protein to support and maintain muscle mass. Formulated without any artificial preservatives or added colouring. And it must be really tasty too because Lola loves it.
Do check out Kohepets for all their promos and new range of stuff. Delivery to your home (in Singapore) is free for orders over $60.