Taking Care of Our LIttle Old Dogs

Lola as been with me for more than a decade. And although she still looks 'puppyish' because of her scruffy coat (She's my little wookie) and she's small sized... everytime she slows down, or can't jump up on the sofa on her own anymore, or has small bouts of incontinence, I'm reminded that she's an old girl now.
Pic when she was just a puppy!
She is such a sweet dog and has a pleasant demeanor, in fact, she has always been easy. Never really had to train or discipline her... she automatically took to the pee tray as a puppy, never chewed on things she wasn't supposed to... and then as an adult dog, she's very gentle with my babies, never took their toys and only played with her own toys (yet would not get snappy even if the babies took her toys by mistake). Really a dream dog. Character wise, she's very very much like myself and Myla. 

Since her activity level is lower now as a senior dog (although she does get excited bursts of energy when around the kids, or when a stranger is at the door, or if you tickle her), we have to tweak her diet.

Purina recently launched a new formula for dogs aged 7 & above called Pro Plan Bright Mind, and dental chews called Dentalife .

Pro Plan Bright Mind Chicken Mini/Small Adult Dry Dog Food is specially formulated with enhanced botanical oils containing medium chain triglycerides that has been proven to be an efficient fuel source for the brains of senior dogs.
Not only does Pro Plan Bright Mind Chicken Mini/Small Adult Dry Dog Food nourish your dog’s brain and help to keep them active and alert longer, it also contains key nutrients to encourage a healthy immune system, teeth and joints.
The kibbles are small and easy for small dogs like Lola to eat. She loves the taste because it's made mainly of real chicken (main ingredient). There's also no artificial flavours or preservatives. This main staple in her diet gives her all the nutrients and oils needed for her age and she is taking it well. No digestive issues.
For a tasty and beneficial treat, she gets Dentalife Daily Oral Care Dental Mini Dog Treats. Each treat is uniquely designed with 8 ridges and a chewy, porous texture; this helps reduce tartar buildup as your dogs chew on it.
Daily treats like this help her maintain oral hygiene. The tasty chicken flavour keeps her chewing happily. It also does not contain artificial flavours or colours. My one and only gripe is that it does get a bit crumbly as she chews it (her previous brand of dental chews were more rubbery in texture), but she's quite clean and will lick up every last crumb (but I don't allow her to chew it in bed, only on the floor).
Dentalife Daily Oral Care Dental Mini Dog Treats is scientifically tested to reduce tartar buildup and has been awarded the VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) Seal of Acceptance.

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