Letters to Myla & MJ - Friendship

Open when life takes you places... far away from home

Dearest Myla Rae & MJ,

It's been a long while since I've written you a letter. It's because I hardly have any spare moments to reflect or sit down at my laptop... because my waking hours are filled with you both. Here's some pics of what we were up to just the past week.

When I look back at these photo moments (which are really just a mere fraction of the things we got up to all week), I feel blessed because I know we are very fortunate to be able to share many experiences (even though quite exhausting lol). I know many families don't get this much quality time together even in a whole month or more.

Do you notice something about these pictures? It shows how very close the two of you are. You adore each other, play well together, love each other. Myla Rae is very protective over you MJ. And MJ, when you didn't see Myla Rae for 2 nights because she stayed at G'mas house, you crawled over to her, grabbed her face with your two tiny hands, and kissed her. You were genuinely happy to see her. Awww.

Your sibling is your first best friend. Your sibling will be your oldest best and longest best friend. Your sibling will be there for you long after Mummy and Daddy are gone. We cannot be there for you till the end, but you will always have each other to support each other through life.

Because you have each other, you will always have a friend.

My draft deadlines are closing in on me, but I just had to get this short letter out to you guys first. Now you both look out for each other. Don't make me roll in my grave.

Love you both,


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