DIY Kids Activity Pouch

Whenever we go out for meals with Myla or if we go to places where I anticipate there will be lots of waiting. I take along her activity pouch. 
What it is is simply 2 Daiso Pouches. One large pouch to contain everything including the smaller pouch with her crayons. In the large pouch there is also a Multi colour pen (she loves this), Stensils, inked stamps (Peppa pig, her fav), paper washi tapes (or you could use stickers instead) and a few mini colouring/note booklets. I'm not sure if this kind of activity pouch will work for boys though... will find out when MJ is older.

I usually carry this pouch in my diaper bag or I'll put it in her Hello Kitty tote bag so she can help herself to it whenever we sit down anywhere.
It's been a life saver the past few times we went out to eat, once she's done with her meal, she will ask for her colouring pouch and get busy at the table. Before we had this, we would either give her youtube on my phone, or else she will get restless and want to wander off... disrupting our peace and our meal.
She's always happy to showcase her pouch lol. Like her prized possession, but actually it was really cheap for me to put together. Whenever we are at Daiso or stationery shops I'll let her pick a small item (must be small not bulky ah) to add to her pouch  :)

Will definitely take this on our next flight.