The Katamama Suite, in Bali

Katamama Keycard, Myla's shades...
We just got back from a 3 day trip to Bali. We stayed at Katamama.
Katamama Reception
The reception area is weird... damn weird... It actually made me uneasy every time I went through it, because it's set up like cafe/bar type area and their staff sit around with their laptops/lounging... much like other patrons. Damn odd to me la... But that's also cos I'm old hahahhaha,,, maybe if you're a millennial (like my husband & his friends) this set up will sit well with you. But age has made me somewhat unbending, I prefer my staff uniformed and behind a counter lol. But the Katamama staff were definitely friendly... and erm... upbeat.
Katamama Reception
We were travelling with his friend and their young daughter (whom Myla likes a lot a lot a lot). They stayed at Katamama before and recommended it to us for this trip. Oh boy, the Katamama suite is fabulous! It's spacious, and yet cosy... the deco is classy retro chic and the amenities luxurious and yet the colours and textures make the area calm and livable.
View from the Katamama Suite. 501
Small kitchenette with mixology type bar area and Vinyl Player
Large selection of retro vinyls
Living area
Bedroom with tub
Kids enjoying the tub
In our bedroom
Not a cheap place, but worth the splurge because the suite itself is beautiful, and can fit 2 small families comfortably. 2 large bedrooms, each with it's own en suite bathrooms. Large living area, and upstairs there's a whole private rooftop with Jacuzzi. The views are unblocked.
Staircase up to roof
Too hot in afternoon but lovely at night
lots of space 
unblocked view
The Jacuzzi in evening
The main pool is ok, great for relaxing, and for your kids to play (large shallow area) but it's not great for like sunbathing (quite shady) and not a place to like show off hahaha, cos everyone is at Potato Head. So head there for the pool instead, if you want to like pick up people/people watch.
Matching family wear haha
again...   :)
my loves
The hotel is not far from the beach at all, in fact, it's right next to Potato Head beach club.
Myla at Potato Head pool
Us on the daybed
Myla in robe
Dunno doing what...
Watermelon juice
Potato Head has a good vibe. And the food at their restaurant is GOOD! Tasty stuff. 
Potatohead Restaurant
Food at Katamama hotel, is at best just so so. Won't die eating it, but pales in comparison to Potato head and most other places actually. Other than that, Katamama doesn't disappoint. 

Adamson wants to return to Katamama for this exact suite if we're in Bali again. I do like it a lot, but I might want to try some place else.