Cool De Sac

Last weekend, we took Myla Rae to Cool De Sac at Suntec City. The weekend previous to that we went to Pollywogs which is also at Suntec but I found the place rowdy and congested (2 huge birthday parties there and the kids were older like 8 years old and 12 years old kind of groups of kids running around like mad). If we do return to Pollywogs, I will take pics and review it for you. 

For now, here's a review of Cool De Sac... which I found much more spacious, and the crowd more civilized lol.
Entry on the weekend is $28.70 for a child 3-12years old (quite ex ah in my opinion)... but Myla who is 3 years and 4 months, got in at the Under 3 yr old price ... because she's tiny (85cm like that) so like no one suspects she's over 3 hahaa.. Under 3 yrs old is $14.90. Under 6 months old is Free... But MJ is 9 months old and he looks older than his age, so no way we can pass him off as younger lol.
The place is very clean. There's a diaper changing room with all the sanitisers for air, hands and surfaces available.
There's one large ball pit as you enter. Quite shallow.
 And then there's the obstacle course part of it.. the kind with climbing elements etc... I found it damn dark and dingy.
I love that the place is not crowded, so like no kids pushing each other.
 And it was definitely clean, and in good condition. Adamson says the surfaces quite hard and it's less padded that the one at Pollywogs though. Also, the obstacle course at Pollywogs is much more elaborate and fun.
 But for toddlers and younger kids, this is much more than enough.
 Even MJ enjoyed going down the slide.
 Interactive floor game...
 There were large stations for blocks/lego and arts and craft.
 A dress up area for costumes... Myla likes this.. because vain.
 Face painting artist...
 Myla got a butterfly on her arm.
 Change of costume hahaaa
 All of us in the mirror....
 You can go on stage to sing and dance in your costume... or just pose for a picture.
 This is the baby area. Well padded, and a good variety of toys around.
 MJ liked exploring this area, he was all smiles.
 Myla enjoyed hanging around this area too, so it was easy to keep an eye on both of them at the same time.

Overall, we spent more time here than we did at Pollywogs the week before. Time passed real fast. If you have a baby, then definitely choose Cool De Sac instead of Pollywogs. If you have a toddler, then either one will do as both has suitable play areas for Myla's age kind. But older than that, go for Pollywogs instead.   :)