Sleep Training Update: We Have Regressed :(

After the first week of stressful sleep training, we were finally reaping the rewards of it, MJ was sleeping well... I finally had decent blocks of sleep at night. Some minor tweaking was needed here and there but on the whole all was looking so so soooo good.
And then MJ got sick. 3 nights ago, he had a fever (he finally caught it from Myla who caught the virus from Nursery and she herself was down with fever for a whole week before finally recovering.

From what I know, you don't sleep train when baby is unwell. And I wouldn't want to leave him to cry and try to self soothe when he's burning up anyway. Unfortunately, we're still quite new to completing sleep training. Only a couple weeks in the success zone. And we have regressed so badly. Can't seem to soothe him, until he reaches the point of overtiredness, and then that's a whole shit show of its own. Last night we also had to deal with him vomitting, so that's me having to shower and change ... and Adamson cleaning the floors and sheets and MJ's pajamas four times in the middle of the night. Good bye sleep.

We all go to bed exhausted and wake up even more tired than the previous day. He's asleep now, but it took us 3 hours to get him to sleep nothing worked (Tula, rocking, shushing, singing, humming, patting, JUMPING, yaolan, etc We broke all the sleep training rules, just to help soothe him and get him rested).


For now our focus is getting MJ well again, and then see how far we've deviated from the "Good Sleep Path", and take it from there. My worry is he has regressed to his old ways of waking every hour and staying awake crying/screaming for a couple hours at a time each night. I really dread going back to that again. I guess we will find out in a day or two from now once he recovers from this virus.