Myla Goes to Work

We travel, and Myla gets excited about going on HOLIDAYYYYY but I don't think she has any concept of countries or that we are in an entirely different country when on holiday. Lol. Similarly, every weekday morning when Adamson leaves home, she will say- Daddy go work. But she doesn't really know what it means or where he goes to.

So Adamson thought it would be a good idea to take her to work with him last week. Just so she can learn what an office is and where he actually goes to everytime he leave in the morning for work.
She had an awesome time at the office, and it was a good daddy daughter bonding day for them.
 She also went around the desks asking for work. "Is there any work for me????!!!" and everytime she finished a task (which just involved colleagues giving her scrap paper to deposit in the shredder haha), she would go back to their desks to collect her pay (coins) and put them in her purse. He said it was so cute that when she collected more money, she would exclaim "Yay! More RORRIPOPS!"

At the end of the day, he took her to buy lollipops with her earnings. I think it was a fun day for both of them and a good learning experience for Myla.
 While they were at work, I took the opportunity to revamp Myla's playroom so that MJ has more crawl space in it and her play areas got more organised.
She has her kitchen space, her block building space, her musical instruments area (all these she's super keen on at the moment)... and I did up the other corner of the playroom to become her "office", she has a desk which she can do her reading, colouring (and also her eating haha) on and behind it, her bookshelf. on the right of that (can't capture in pic) is her puzzle corner where all her jigsaws and flashcards are. She was so delighted to see it when she got home.

P/s - I'm just doing this short blog post because I can't sleep yet, my adrenaline levels are through the roof because I just started sleep training MJ tonight. I hope the rest of the night goes well. Will update on how his sleep training went, in a week or so from now (hopefully we don't give up halfway). Meanwhile Myla and Daddy are sleeping in the spare room while I sleep train MJ. Those that did sleep training, how many nights did it take?

Shit shit shit  some dog just went yapping loudly outside and I see MJ stirring (through the baby monitor)... my heart can't take this. Please don't wake up crying because I don't know how much more I can take to just not rock you back to sleep or give you milk to fall back asleep (and resume your habit of drinking every 2 hours through the night! Gah!).