Letters to Myla Rae & MJ : Gigi Mouse & Soothing monkey

Open when you just want a little dose of nostalgia :)

Dearest Myla Rae & MJ,

Today is just a little fun fact share, and a glimpse into your toddler/babyhood 'friends'. 

For you Myla Rae, is this Fisher Price monkey I bought for you. It's actual name (on the box) is Soothing Monkey and guess what? That's your exact name for it too... lol... we didn't rename him Johnny or whatever haha, we just referred to him as Soothing Monkey before you could even speak. So once you were talking, you called him Soothing Monkey too.
He's a cuddly blue monkey and when you hug him, his belly glows and soothing lullabies are played for 15 mins. You have been using this monkey to self sooth at night since you were about a year and a half old. Whenever you wake in the night and want to get back to sleep, you hug soothing monkey and drift right back to dreamland without waking any of us up. (But, you've always been a good solid 12 hour night sleeper since you were newborn. For this I thank you lol).
For MJ, there's this blue baby Mickey Mouse that your Auntie Amelia and Uncle Qin Xue gave you when you were newborn.

Myla named him Gigi Mouse for you because you can't talk yet. And in her baby speak, she cannot pronounce Mickey Mouse, so it comes out as Gi Gi Mouse. That's how his name came about.

You will play with him a bit, but you don't really cuddle toys yet. I use it mostly as part of your bedtime and nap time routines because I tap his bum and a white noise (heartbeat) plays for 20 mins. It helps you fall asleep.. somewhat. Haha. Unfortunately , you're not a good sleeper and now you just turned 7 months old but can't sleep through the night yet (you still want milk.. or sometimes wake to just have a cry/crawl/singsong/shout, every 2-3 hours. You better make it up to us when you are older!). We are getting the hang of this.

I hope you both still have these toys... or maybe MJ you might have some other version of soothing monkey or something else that works for you as an object of comfort. I never got attached to any object of comfort (like cho cho) growing up, I'm the same today with material things, I don't hang on to stuff or hoard/clutter. Your Godpa/Uncle Wesley had a red tellytubby (oh oh!)hahahhahahahhahahaa. It still exists in G'ma G'pa's house today.

Okie just a short letter today, love you both.