An Effortless Way to Style

Happy New Year 2019!


A wristwatch is a great way to complete a look or update your style with little (if any) effort.
Personally, I prefer chunky watches, so classic unisex styles with leather straps are what I go for. Though smaller oval or square faces look very exquisite on women. Havil watches has both unisex styles and ladies dress watches, as well as a range of sports watches.
Havil Watches are new on the scene, they are trendy and they make such high quality watches. I'm impressed by their stylish high end looking designs, made so affordable.
You can view/purchase Havil Watches at Takashimaya jewellery section, Ngee Ann City (Diamondlite counter) or at Isetan Scotts, Shaw Centre (Bess Counter). Or online at Havil Watch.
My readers get a Special Price- Sgd 180 for any Havil watch (What what what????!! The normal retail price for their dress watches and sports watches are around $400. So $180 flat price for any Havil watch is a huge discount) when you purchase direct from their HQ. 

All you need to do to secure this discount for yourself is email and quote " Holly Jean $180 Special ".
Look how stylish it is on my wrist :) . This is a unisex 30mm case size, with dark grey genuine leather straps.
The mechanism is Swiss movement giving this watch world class accuracy, the glass is Sapphire Crystal. Of all of the glass, sapphire crystal is the least prone to shatter or scratches. Sapphire Crystal rates a 9 on the Moh scale, with 10 being Diamond (the hardest material on earth).
Havil watch straps includes a quick release mechanism on them enabling ease of style change with no tools required. See where my finger is pointing? Click that tiny knob back and you release the strap.
Changing style according to my mood and my outfit is super easy!
So in love with this watch. Do check out the Havil website for the full range of designs and info. You can also email if you have any questions, or to secure your discount. For the $180 special price you must email them first to reserve the special price, can't just turn up at the Taka/Isetan counter and quote okie)