A Commemorative Tattoo for MJ

Kind of unfair if I have one for Myla but then MJ doesn’t get one. But things have been quite hectic and I didn’t get around to having it done until just this week. Finally!

I had it done for Myla when she was still newborn (click here to see) . MJ is already 5 months now, ok la, not say very much later.
 Pics taken right after it was done so it’s still a bit swelly looking 😂.  Will take nicer pics soon when I get a chance to like wash my hair and dress up and use make up... instead of looking like a flustered Housewife with a toddler and baby. Hahahaaa (sigh).

It’s a skinny geometrical arrow tattoo with his initials on the end of it. Just something simple, but especially for him. Adamson and I will get couple tattoos next (supposed to be our Christmas present but then I doubt we have the time to get it done before Christmas. We haven’t even decided what pattern to get yet. But probably matching geometrical animals that sort of thing. Size about our hand size, so yeah must think properly before doing hahaha. If u have any ideas pls share with me :)