Adventure Cove & Sea Aquarium

So, we got season passes to Adventure Cove and the Sea Aquarium on Sentosa... and finally made use of them a week ago.
Honestly, I expected MJ to be freaking cranky, scream-crying and milk striking the whole trip. BUT OH MY GOD he was sooo well behaved.
Didn't cry when we went into the water despite the splashes and waves and sun. He drank milk without protest (luckily Adventure Cove has a pretty decent baby room).  He pooped just at the right time while we were on our way to get changed into our swim wear (his poops are the infant on breast milk type liquid poops ah, so thankfully he did it before I put his swim wear on and got into the water!). He didn't get cranky at all despite it being a long day (we did both Adventure cove and Sea Aquarium). Such a relief and SOOO happy.
Myla had a superb time despite being too small for practically all the rides. She's under 90cm... if your kid is above 107cm, they can ride like 3 attractions.... if above 122cm then can ride all attractions.

We went to the wave pool. We rode on the rubber tubes/ paddled our way through the river thingy (MJ and I went one round but Adamson took Myla on extra rounds while I went to feed MJ). And best of all, there is this one structure that looks like a treehouse and it has 2 slides (one high, one low) and Myla was allowed on it as long as an adult (in this case, Adamson) rode with her. She was ecstatic!
I didn't manage to take pics while at the attractions, because our phones were in the lockers but I'll remember to take pics next month. So fun.
Nicer pictures with the next Adventure cove post ! Promise!