Liking Hot IG Pics, Why Do You Do It?

Out of curiosity I checked out my Instagram activity updates from those whom I follow. Just to see what people were liking etc.

Then I noticed a few male friends of mine (all married or attached)... the photos they liked raised an eyebrow. Sexy pics, or beautiful IG girls, or girls in various states of undress.

Pic: Example only ah....

My first reaction was to feel sorry for their wives/gfs (some of whom are my friends and are on IG too).

I don’t see the same the other way around. The females in the relationship are liking friends pictures, food pictures, travel destinations etc. Not making public what they are ogling at.

It’s definitely NOT because there are no handsome or sexy men pics on IG. There are lots! But how come I don’t see my girl friends checking those out and liking those?

I can’t answer for them. But I can tell you why I don’t click like on those pics.

Respect. Consideration. Also, why do I need to click like anyway?

I’m not blind, I definitely can see the pics of Henry Golding looking oh so dapper in a sharp suit, then there’s Paul Foster with his rugged good looks and tats which stretch across a very broad and firm chest. And these are just Sg guys, there are far more around the globe.

Do I avert my eyes or block them on IG? No, it’s not like I’m Mormon lol. I might look at the pic if it comes up on my feed. I might even give a silent nod of approval. But the way I see it... if I make the effort to actually click LIKE on their pic (or worse still, leave a flattering or flirtatious comment)... it’s like giving a very public gesture of approval.

Whenever I see pics of hot guys, yes I look at them. But before I make any effort to like them, it does cross my mind- how would my partner feel if he sees me liking all this? And then I feel like it’s disrespectful, so I don’t. Doesn’t mean I cannot see them and it doesn’t even mean I cannot appreciate The Eye candy... but when I think what good will my LIKE do? Absolutely fuck all. Instead it might hurt or disappoint my partner. So why would I do it.

How is liking a sexy girl’s bikini Instagram pic any different from wolf whistling the same girl at the pool? How is liking a guys hot bod gym pic any different from rubber necking and giving him the obvious visual up down with your eyes?

You don’t do that in public.. especially if your partner is there, why? Why is it ok to do so on Instagram?

A lot of people will say oh it should be ok .. because TRUST. But the issue here isn’t trust. You think people so stupid, they don’t know that liking an Instagram pic isn’t akin to cheating? And that liking all ten thousand IG pics of a hot celebrity isn’t going to get you in their bed? Of course I know that. The issue isn’t trust. It’s not like oh you like her pic so you’re going to cheat on me with her.

But the issue is- if you see a pic and you think it’s hot or beautiful etc fine... you can always look and get on with your busy day... but what compels you to feel the need to put your public stamp of approval on it? And is that not a form of disrespect to your actual in real life partner? Like why the hell do you feel the need to do stuff like that.. what is lacking in your relationship or in your own esteem?

What do you think?

P/s. In case some of u go CSI and find that eh wtf Holly u been liking so many hot guy pics the last couple of days! I come clean now ah... I did it as part of research and to see the effects/ how I felt etc. It’s very unlikely that you’ll see me continuously doing that from now on because it’s honestly no longer worth my time or effort. Maybe when single and no kids yeah I wld ... because like hopeful lol lol lol