Review: Huxley

For authentic Korean beauty products (at cheaper prices!) check out Chichipe.Cactus on Instagram. It's by a former student of mine (OMG I just realised it's been about 10 years since I left MOE). I'm doing this shout out and review for her. :)

Apart from IG, you can also order from her Carousell page or just text her at 81250676. Do also suggest to her what other Korean beauty products you want her to take to Singapore for sale.
The item I am reviewing is the sheet face masks from Huxley. Face masks (the sheet versions) are one of the few indulgences I still have time for. Super convenient to use and yet very pampering on my skin. It also helps me relax after a long day.

What I Love about Huxley Sheet Masks-

1. Most sheet masks in the market are just soaked with essence. But with Huxley, there are 2 sections in the packaging. One section has the sheet mask soaked with essence and the other section is a pouch filled with oil. These two are mixed immediately prior to application by simply pressing the bottom pouch.

2. The quality of the sheet. I love the silky smooth texture. The microfiber sheet mask is designed to cling perfectly to the contours of your face, to help the essence absorb quickly and evenly.
3. The Huxley Oil and Extract Mask is super hydrating. Great for dehydrated skin like mine. My skin felt moisturised and more supple after use.

4. The Huxley Glow and Awakening Mask is also moisturising... plus there is a brightening effect. Skin feels light and refreshed after use.