Review: B-Cure Laser for Personal Use

I got the chance to test out the B-Cure Laser recently. It is a portable soft laser for professional and home treatment of a variety of conditions.
 Laser therapy can help a vast number of conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndromes, joint pain, arthritis, sports injuries and scar tissues.
Low level laser therapy (also known as photo therapy) reduces pain without medication, accelerates wound healing, improves blood flow, reduces inflammation and stimulates collagen regeneration.

B-CURE Laser is portable, lightweight and is rechargeable so you don't need to keep replacing batteries. It is affordably priced compared to frequent visits to clinics and medication and the device can last for 10 years. Plus the discount makes it even more affordable.  (see end of post for discount). 
It's very easy to use, activate the laser and point the (green) beam to the problem area. There's no uncomfortable heat (that I can feel on my skin) that is generated, the whole treatment is very comfortable. It is perfectly safe for home use, there's no risk of overdose and no side effects. 
 There's a bendy stand and holster that comes with this set. It's for propping the laser handset up for hands-free treatment or to be used to reach places like your back. You can use this laser almost anywhere on your body (except eyeballs!). So far I've used it mostly on my knees and wrist. I spend most of my day (and night!) on my feet because MJ is cranky and colicky so bouncing around with him in my Tula helps to ease his tummy pains. I would go miles for this child, but oh man, my knees have started to hurt.
I use the B-Cure laser on my knees as often as I can find the time to (ideally it should be daily for 14 days). Just after a week, it has helped lessen the achy pain deep in my knee cap. I will continue for another week. And repeat treatment if the pain comes back again ...until I stop needing to stand and bounce my baby for extended hours lol. Luckily there's no additional cost in running and maintaining this laser.
 When I was pregnant, I had mild carpel tunnel syndrome in my wrist, it would get very painful and stiff after I am done mopping. Although it did ease off a bit after I gave birth and was no longer pregnant. The pain comes back some times (depending on my activities). I suppose it's because I'm not long past post partum. Whenever it hurts, I find it very helpful to use the B-Cure laser. It's great for both chronic and acute injuries. And it's something the whole family can use. 
Learn the benefits of B-Cure Laser and Get yours today . The B-Cure laser is priced at S$999.70 (GST included). My readers can receive over $150 worth of discount instantly when you complete and submit this form, just type "promo code HOLLY" in the message field. Discount info will be sent to you. Limited sets only. 


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