New Pet Technology! And Other Kohepets Goodies.

WOW. Handling my first newborn was actually easy, I mean I could make my whole world revolve around her and her needs. But now with my second newborn... I have to juggle not just his needs but also my 2 year old's. I can't even rest when baby naps because it's time to give my toddler some attention.

Poor Lola gets even lessssss of my time now. *guilt*

But Myla Rae adores Lola, and I hope new baby Michael will love her just as much.
Thankfully, I still find it easy to at least meet my doggy's basic needs because it's very convenient ordering her food and treats from . Here's what was delivered to Lola last week.

I don't pay any extra for this convenience (delivery to doorstep is free for orders over $60) and their prices are competitive, plus there are loads of promos and sales clearance items.

I picked quite a few things from their Great Singapore Sale listing.

Stocked up on Lola's tray food (5 for $6). It's a great deal! And there are many flavours to choose from. In this haul, I picked Monge Fresh Cod Fish Pate with Chunkies Tray Dog Food , Monge Fruit Chicken & Raspberry Pate with Chunkies Tray Dog Food and Monge Fresh Lamb Pate with Chunkies Tray Dog Food .

Monge does really yummy looking food for dogs and cats. It's made in Italy. Low in sugar recipe and no dyes or preservatives. I love that there are lots of chunkies in each bite.

I also stocked up on Cesar Tender Lamb With Country Vegetables Pate Tray Dog Food and Cesar Chicken & Cheese Pate Tray Dog Food. There's a bulk discount (11% cheaper) f you buy 12 trays ($1.70 each). Cesar's wet food is fortified with vitamins and minerals to help dogs of all sizes, especially small breeds, stay healthy. This trusted brand has been around for so many years.

I prefer tray food for Lola because they're convenient, easy to open (peel away seals), locked in freshness in each tray and just the right portion for a meal. Lola gets a different flavoured meal each day, and a wide variety of proteins... so it's chicken one day, lamb the next day, etc. She eats better than I do -_-

Also stocked up on the Cocoyo Pet Sheet Pee Pad again because of the awesome deal (buy 2 get 1 free). These sheets are very absorbant and good value for money.

Trying this treat for the first time, Bosch Country Meat Snack 100% Chicken Fillet Dog Treats looks great, a juicy and chewy piece of chicken fillet. Lola will love chewing on this. Such air-dried meat snacks make great chewing for dogs, and of course it's much safer and healthier compared to rawhide chews because it's a good source of protein, grain free and easily digestible.

There is a Launch Promotion now, $5 OFF all Bosch Country Meat Snack Dog Treats at Kohepets. So it's a good time to try these new treats.

They also have a new category now - Pet Technology with some very awesome pawsome products:

PETKIT COZY Smart Cool + Warm Pet House . This pet house is suitable for up to medium sized cats and dogs. Interior sensors that changes temperature according to your pet’s need. Infrared sensors that tracks and records your pet’s resting patterns and can connect to your smart phone. The price tag is $280 though.... but considering a non-smart pet bed/cushion can easily cost you $100 or so... it might be worthwhile investing in this seriously smart pet home.

They also have stuff like smart feeding bowls, smart drinking fountains, and bluetooth dog leashes... Click here to see the range.

Have you ever wondered about your pet's health? Petnostics Cat & Dog General Health Home Test Kit allows you to check and monitor your pet’s health at home. For just $26, this general kit allows you to test for Leukocyte, Nitrite, Urobilinogen, Protein, pH, Blood, SG, Ketone, Bilirubin and Glucose. Petnostics also sells individual kits which test for specific ailments such as UTIs, bladder stones and diabetes.

I highly recommend Kohepets to pawrents of dogs, cats or small animals for not just food and treats, but also the latest in pet tech, grooming accessories, health supplements and training gadgets.


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