My Second Pregnancy - The Aftermath

You know, my body got away very lightly with my first pregnancy. Out came baby Myla Rae and there was no stretchmarks, plus my belly pretty much flattened out straight after (while directly after birth, most women look a few months pregnant still).

With my second pregnancy, it was quite sobering, checking my now non existent abs out in the bathroom mirror the next day after Michael James' birth.
1 Day Post Partum with MICHAEL JAMES
My belly protruded so much. I had a strong core and a taut flat tummy before... this cannot be right?! I look 5 months pregnant!

This is quite bad, compared to when I had Myla Rae. I looked back at an old blog post a week after her birth, and this was my 1 week post partum belly back then.
1 week Post Partum with MYLA RAE
Csect scar 1 week Post Partum with MYLA RAE
Ok to have realistic expectations, here are some factors to consider:

1. Age. I'm now 37. When I had Myla Rae I was younger, at 35 (though 2 years isn't THAT much la).

2. My belly was much larger with this baby. This pregnancy went early full term to week 38, while with Myla Rae, I had her at week 35. Plus Michael is a significantly larger baby compared to Myla Rae, 1.5kgs heavier than her.

3. That pic I took in the Mount Alvernia hospital bathroom was day 1 post partum, while the ones taken when I had Myla Rae were 1 week post partum.

So I waited a week, and re took photos, and this is how my body is 1 week post partum.
1 Week Post Partum with MICHAEL JAMES
1 Week Post Partum with MICHAEL JAMES
Overall still LARGER compared to the photos in the purple sports bra.  But I think still okay, it did go down quite a bit within one week. I'll update you once I get my pre pregnancy body back... and once I hit my pre pregnancy weight (still loooong ass way to go). I'm 62kg now, was 72kg when pregnant. And before I got pregnant I was 45kg!  (Previous pregnancy, I was 48kg before getting pregnant, 67kg when pregnant and after pregnancy my weight dropped gradually but plateaued at around 52kg for a some of months before I suddenly dropped to 45kg).
Let me leave this here for aspirational purposes 
If I keep on my toes, have not much time to eat, I will get back there again (and yes 2 kids will keep me on my toes for much longer and more gruelingly so than just one kid). But prob a bit delay though cos my mother in law cooks for me every day and brings food to my house so I can go through some semblance of confinement. Otherwise I'm like dun want confinement.

 Let's see how long it will take.  :(

My only 2 consolations at the moment are----- NO STRETCHMARKS with this pregnancy either! So damn relieved! (click here to see my stretchmark creams comparison blog post)

And my new Csection scar is mucccch nicer this time round, thanks to Dr Clifford Chan. I was quite insistent on this lol.
Csect Scar with MICHAEL JAMES
He snipped off my old scar (which had some keloid) and gave me the steroid jab before stitching me up (supposed to prevent scarring). The scar is a very very fine line (the dark colour is actually the scabs from the stitches which should fall off soon). Much nicer compared to my old scar.

Now I just have to wait for that damn linea negra pigment line to fade off (it's much darker this time round). How long did it take for yours to fade? (I can't remember my previous timing for this).


  1. I also have a keloid c section scar ....thought I was the only one and every other woman healed up nicely, hah! I needed three rounds of intralesional injections one year after giving birth with steroids into it and it's still keloid, itchy and raised. So I'm interested to see how much better your second scar heals with steroid injected into it from the start!

    1. Will update on the scar too when I update abt the post preg body in a couple months time x

  2. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Holly could u do a 1 year postpartum video /blog post? Did you manage to fade all the discolouration at the abdomen area 1 year pp? How did you do that plus lose the pp weight loss! Just wanna see updates , I’m in my 1st tri and I’m damn scared about the stretch marks and linea negra not fading. Did you have diastesis recti also?

  3. Oh yes I’ve been meaning to do an update post. Will do soon with pics.

    No more discolouration, Libra negra gone. Csect scar minimal. But I’m still freaking 10kg over my pre preg weight. I’m 55kg now and started out at 45. Fuck.


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