Longkang Fishing for Kids

Yesterday, Adamson took Myla to ORTO for longkang Fishing. It was their first time doing this sort of fishing.
For $12, you get an hour of fishing, a small plastic tank and a tiny net. There's a sign that says parents not allowed in the pond... but they do close one eye if the child is like just 1 or 2 years old toddling around, so quite a few parents were in the pond helping their toddlers.
Left to her own devices, Myla Rae would have caught zero guppies lol. They just don't have the reflexes for it yet at that age. Still, I would recommend taking your little ones there, as long as they can walk, I think it's a suitable learning activity for them.
We didn't stay the whole hour, we were there maybe 20 minutes, then Myla got bored of using the tiny net and preferred to sit in the pond and splash around like it's a swimming pool.

But while it lasted, she was very amused looking at the little fishies... and very delighted that she got to take daddy's her catch home.
Some advice though.... use insect repellent (!) there's mosquitoes there.  if you plan on taking home and keeping these as pets, you will need an air pump, a larger tank and anti chlorine for the water. 1/4 of her guppies died by the time we reached home (and we are a 5 min drive away!).... then the rest died by the next morning :/

It's not something we would do again, but definitely good fun for a one time family experience. We will only go back there when she's much older and can go in the pond and catch guppies on her own.  

P/S- Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Especially to this wonderful man who has stepped up to the plate in more ways than I could ever imagine. Love u bubba, thank you.