The Basics of Laser Hair Removal

If you have never had laser hair removal done in a skincare clinic before, you may be wary of the process. However, arming yourself with some information about how laser procedures for hair removal work will help to take the guess work out of the process. You will be more at ease when you understand exactly what to expect. Below is some information to help you learn about laser hair removal.

Why Laser Machines Work so Well for Hair Removal
Laser machines work well for hair removal for the simple reason that the laser beams can travel all the way down into the lower layers of tissue. In doing so, they can target not only the full lengths of the hair shafts, but also the hair follicles. Follicles are the roots of each hair. The heat and particular type of light emitted by the laser can work together to make follicles weaker. As they are weakened, your hairs will gradually fall out. That process may take multiple treatments, however.

Lasers and Immediate or Permanent Body Hair Removal
One thing you must understand before you have laser treatment is that it is not magical. It cannot make you permanently hairless in the treatment area. It also will not remove hairs instantly. In fact, the hairs may not fall out until long after your appointment or after a series of appointments. When it does fall out it is likely to regrow eventually. However, treatment with professional hair-removal devices can damage some hair follicles enough over time to prevent regrowth. Nevertheless most of your hairs will regrow. But the advantage is that the regrowth process may take several weeks, whereas hairs shaved off can regrow in days. Even techniques like waxing at home do not keep hairs away for nearly as long.

Making the Laser Hair Removal Decision
The decision to have laser hair removal performed in a skincare clinic should be a joint one between you and your chosen clinician. He or she should begin by scheduling a consultation appointment for you. A consultation is necessary to get your skin health history, assess your skin type, and make sure laser hair removal will work in your case. If so, the consultation can also be used to select the proper type of laser because there are some variations between laser hair removal machine types. It is possible that you may not be eligible for laser hair removal based on the assessment, but such cases are rare.

Going in for Scheduled Laser Hair Removal Appointments
If you are a good candidate for laser hair removal a series of treatments will be scheduled. Prior to arriving for each one you must not use any topical materials on your skin unless they are approved by your clinician. Such items as deodorant, perfume and body lotion can present burn risks when lasers come in contact with them. They can also interfere with the tracking capabilities of laser devices in some cases. When you arrive for your appointment the clinician may clean the skin in the treatment area, just in case. He or she may also use a numbing or cooling cream on the area to minimize discomfort. May lasers are equipped with cool air jets for cooling the skin as well.

Keeping Realistic Expectations About Laser Hair Removal
It's important for you to have realistic expectations about laser hair removal. Expect the hair to take a long time and several treatments to fall out. Also, expect it to take a long time to return after it falls out. Do not expect it to be magically zapped away during the appointment or disappear permanently after it. A few hairs may not return, but most of them will eventually. When they do they may be lighter or finer than they were before. At that point you can choose to perform minor maintenance at home or schedule more treatments, depending on the level of regrowth.