Letters to Myla Rae- First Day of Playgroup

Open when- You're about to embark on something new.
My Dearest Myla Rae,

Maybe you're about to go to University... or take on your first job overseas... or are thinking of starting a business venture.

You can bet your last dollar, I'll be as nervous as you are, every step of the way. I cannot help it, I'm your mother. I hope you know that you will go on to achieve many great things with each momentous first step... but make it an informed and calculated step.

Yesterday was one of your first 'academic' milestones. You started a proper playgroup at a Preschool. OMG got uniform and all.
When Papa took us there yesterday morning, you were all excited with your little school bag, I think you didn't know where you were headed but thought it's some animal farm or fun excursion with us lol.
But when we got to your Apple Tree preschool playgroup venue, and bought your uniform, and put it on you, I think you were a bit overwhelmed. Which 2 year old wouldn't be. 
Here you are sanitizing your hands, and getting a temperature check before entering the classroom. I've already taken you to this classroom a couple of times before in the past weeks... for you (and myself) to have a feel of things. But now, shit just got real. lol.
You're the tiniest and the youngest of this 2015 babies batch, so I was apprehensive (I still am!). It's also the reason why I didn't start you in January, I just felt you still weren't ready for it yet. I'm perfectly happy to have you at home with me (forever!!!!), but the time has come for you to mingle with other toddlers, you need exposure and interaction with others. That's why we decided to start you with a 2 hour playgroup.
Please be brave, little one but be careful. Have fun learning new things and making friends. I know it's overwhelming and such a new environment for you. You may not have cried yet (and you didn't have any adverse reaction when I put the uniform on you the second day before heading to school), but it already pains me to see that scared and worried look on your face. I hope in the days to come, you will start to open up at playgroup and smile.
 Your very first creation.
And today was your second day. It went much better than the first. You were more confident with the art work. You joined in the song and dance (albeit very shyly... so not your usual show off dancing self). Oh and you were delighted (like seriously damn happy) to be given a snack (lemon cream biscuits lol) to take home.

That's all for this letter, not a profound one with gems and nuggets of wisdom from me but I just wanted to log this in so you can see how very very very far you've come. Also, my baby girl, don't forget the people who were there for you from the very start of this learning journey. We are so vested in you and want to see you do well in life. We love you so.



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