First Letter to Michael James

(This letter was written much earlier, but only posted on my blog now when we are ready to announce that we are expecting you)

(Update: We will definitely name you Michael, but just recently decided we might not use James for your middle name... to be confirmed... still early. Will probably do a poll online later on lol)

To my dearest Michael James,

Your Sister has a whole string of letters addressed to just her. You will now be a part of all future letters to Myla Rae... (I'll have to change the title of this series from now on, or maybe keep both letters separate).

 As close siblings, you will find that you will grow up to have loads of things and experiences shared with Myla Rae, much like my brother Wesley and I. But this one letter, is dedicated to you my Son. And only you.
We are now in Bangkok attending a friend's wedding. Yesterday evening, we took a pregnancy test (to ascertain whether I can drink alcohol at the wedding or not) and much to our surprise (and delight) it came up positive. + + + + + +

Oh we want you. You are not an accident. But We honestly didn't think it would be THIS easy. This super quick. 😳

You see, the situation is, I'm at this point still pretty newly divorced (from Myla's biological father). Your dad and I, were planning to get married later in 2018 and he wants more kids to add to our family. But at my age (37), I warned him it wasn't going to be easy to get pregnant and normally it would take on average, a year of trying (and that's for  younger women under 35!). So we thought, ok better just start trying now so there's no pressure/stress if it takes longer to conceive. And Boom! You were conceived.

I'm happy, beyond words. But also slightly alarmed. I mean things aren't following a regular time line here. But whatever and however this goes, we promise to give you and Myla Rae all our love and bring both of you up in a loving environment with all you could ask for. That will be done. And oh, your dad is a determined man who will have things done right.

Did we suspect we were pregnant before testing? Well, over the past one week I suddenly had a huge appetite. Always starving and raiding the (pretty empty) snack cupboard. With Myla, my early symptoms were my boobs got huge and veiny from the very start. That was about it. But with you, the first symptom was the appetite and also EXTREME exhaustion a few days ago but that seems to have settled now.

Such different symptoms... which is why we are guessing you're a BOY. (update: it is confirmed we are expecting a boy!)

Yesterday at Changi Airport, while waiting for your dad to get there (I live in Pasir ris and he in Woodlands), I stepped onto the luggage scale just out of curiosity. And I was 50kg! That's a very quick 5kg increase!

At first I thought OMG I been eating a lot the past week and so fast I put on 5kg! Then I thought, the last time I put on weight this fast was when pregnant with Myla (but with her I didn't eat more than my usual, in fact I ate very little but still gained a lot of weight, about 20Kgs I total, thankfully I lost 23kgs shortly after having her.. please please let me lose it the same this time round!).

But I didn't want to get our hopes up. In fact I didn't even want to test last night because I was certain I would see a negative test result and ruin our evening. But your dad coaxed me into it (so that we would know if it's ok for me to drink at the wedding we are attending). So we walked around until we found a Thai Watsons. Bought two kits, just in case the first was negative, we could try again with first morning pee the next day.

That second kit was so unnecessary. The 2 lines (positive) came up so fast and so unmistakably clearly. So picture this.... I pee on the stick.

I set it on the bathroom counter and proceed to turn the tap on to wash my hands. I was about to shout out to your dad (who is in the hotel bedroom) to set the timer for 3 mins. Before water could come out of the faucet, I saw from the side of my eyes, the test turn obviously positive.

"Baby!!! Come here now!"... and your dad thought- ah fuck, she's gonna tell me there's blood and her period is here. So he took his time to come in.

When he finally came in, I was practically hyperventilating, wanting to show him the positive pee stick. haha

Just like that my Son, you have made us a bigger and more complete family.

Love you forever and always,


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