Annoying Things About Parenting Support Groups

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Ever since I was pregnant with Myla Rae, I've been part of several parenting groups on Facebook. At the start, I must say it was a lifesaver, like every bit of info, comment, post or poll added to my knowledge about parenting. From how to handle fevers after immunizations to how to (possibly) handle the Terrible Twos.

But now that it's been some time since I've been a part of parenting support groups... with Parent's Code being the latest one I joined some months ago (I like this group btw)... but I realise aiyoh, it gets repetitive ah. Like every single parenting group will have these few kinds of annoying people and their posts/comments surfacing.

If you've spent any amount of time in such groups I'm sure you would have already come across:

1. Breast Is Best

For instance, someone will post seeking opinions on various formula milk brands. 

Should I move from stage 1 to stage 2 Friso formula or should I wait? My baby just turned 6mo.

And someone will comment in total disregard of the actual question. Shove down that mother's throat that breast is best.  

-_- You think she doesn't know that? Obviously, regardless of that, she has made her choice to go with formula BECAUSE SHE HAS HER REASONS. Don't need you to try to guilt trip her or put yourself on some pedestal. 

2.  Bogus Alternative Cures to Everything

Help. My baby has a rash, what can I use on it because I refuse to use the steroid cream that the doctor prescribed. **insert pic that looks like babies has a fucking serious herpes looking outbreak that definitely needs steroids/medication**

The 2 people you will definitely find commenting

a) Just apply breast milk on those sores. Last time my baby had sore eyes I squirted my breast milk in his eyes and it was cleared instantly!

b) "Are you open to using essential oils?" (Is this a line which Young Living tells all its advocates to open with or something??? Cos almost all use this line)

3. Pic for Attention
I can't tahan when people add an irrelevant picture of their child in the post. WTF. You can post your question or opinion or whatever without displaying your baby la... esp when the post has no link to the pic.

4. The person who can't just take a simple pregnancy test -_-

"Hey guys, I’m craving sour foods and I have a pimple on my nose. Am I pregnant??????"

5. The Anti Vaxers

Vaccines are bad! It’s natures way for the body to build resistance naturally. Also they cause autism etc. This is more prevalent in my overseas parenting groups. 

Singapore based ones are not too bad, cos the major vaccines are compulsory anyway lol. Just stuff like Chicken Pox vaccine, a lot of Singapore mums will comment that "no point taking cos take already still can get Cpox."

6. Should I hire a PI?
They want to get divorced and ask if they should get a PI. And then several people will comment and say YES, must get PI so you can get custody of the kids/get alimony money from husband/etc.  Business for private detectives catching cheating spouses must be very good in Singapore. But that's not how it works ah, unless your grounds for filing a divorce is adultery and your spouse denies it and doesn't want to split, then yes you need to present evidence of adultery. But there can be several grounds for divorce, not necessarily adultery only. Also, even if it is adultery, it only gives you the reason for divorce... it doesn't affect the way your assets are split or who gets the kids etc, those are totally separate matters in the eyes of the law. 


  1. Anonymous12:34 am

    This information is invaluable. Where can I find out

  2. Anonymous12:54 am

    I am a mother of 2. (#1 formula fed and #2 fully breastfed) yes what you said is absolutely true. There are those mother who is siao on breastfeed and they would say crazy things to the extend of putting down the mother who was just there to ask for some advice and for remedies, i usually filter out or do further google search on the topic on my own.

  3. Anonymous11:01 am

    Can we see pics of your whole self and not just your face which we’ve been seeing in the past few posts as well?

  4. I thought I saw someone who looked like you near chijmes but preggy.. Hmmmm


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