One of my New Favs - Tanuki Raw

I so want to go back here again. Honestly, I was apprehensive about heading here for date night. I was just googling for a place which had happy hour oysters, because oyster craving lol. And came across this place called Tanuki Raw at Orchard Central. After reservation was made and I was on my way there to meet Adamson for a date, I googled some more and read poor reviews on service and food! Alamakkkk... 
 But my experience was very different. I loved it! And so did he. (Both our first times there). Their oysters are $2 each during happy hour. And Sashimi on promo during happy hour too (we had 2 servings, but I forgot to take pic. Looked regular la, nothing spectacular looking but tasted nice and fresh).
This is the Scallop, Foie Gras, Unagi Don.

It has a combi of some of the greatest foods on earth. Mmmmm scallops... mmmm Foie gras I love. Unagi I am not a fan of but Adamson loves. So it was a perfect bowl to share between the 2 of us.
 Cocktails are $10 a pop during happy hour.
We feel it's a good place for dinner and drinks. Would definitely head back again. I can confidently say, check it out (the outdoor seating area is nice a spacious, Indoors cooler but I felt the layout a bit crampy... your choice, but must make reservation ah, otherwise you wait in a long queue that will definitely spoil your mood).

Next place I will share my views and pics about is Ayana Villas in Bali! Stay tuned :)